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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by SST
I had planned on several people flying with me today but they all cxld...so no pictures. It's to bad too cause there was a lot of activity today where I flew.

Basically I fly from Akron due south over Alden, East Aurora, Springville, Salamanca and into Bradford, Pa. The first odd sighting today was CSX on the Southern Tier Line moving east at 1030am at Alden. I assumed it was because of what was discussed in the other thread.

As I came upon Rt 242 in Ellicottville at Ashford Jct I looked east and saw traffic moving westbound. I was at 4500ft so I couldn't id who was on the lead. But even at 4500 feet it looked like he was moving fairly quick. This was about 11am.

Down past Ellicotville on 219 where it goes underneath the line, I think it was Buffalo Southern or South Buffalo was on a siding along a quary picking up about 15 cars of stone. It would have been a great picture. Just past Eddy's restaurant.

After passing Salamanca I headed to Bradford and over the collapsed trestle. It looks like Godzila [sp] stepped on it and flattened it out. Truely ashame. The loggers are in the area and the scenic wooded vista's are gone. The Bradford area has a lot of activity for train traffic. Lots of tankers sitting around. I saw one locomotive pushing one tanker. Again I was up high and couldn't id the loco. But it was dark blue with orange or red stenciling.

I landed at BFD only to find that the restaurant was closed so I departed for Great Valley [Ellicottville]. The "stone train" was still filling when I landed and was on the last car when I departed. It was pointed north but have no idea the direction that it went. I landed back in Akron after 2.2 hours aloft.

My chopped sirloin steak with cheese and a strawberry cake for dessert was 140 dollars.......but it was worth it.

  by danpik
The engine in Great Valley was most likely a Buffalo & Pittsburgh GP9 (202) as it was there a couple of weeks ago when I went through there and I recall seeing it several other times.

PS: give me a wave next time you fly over Allegany.