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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of North America.

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  by george matthews
johnthefireman wrote:
I'm not well up on gauges in west and northwest Africa.
Cape gauge - Nigeria, Ghana

Metre gauge - nearly everywhere else

Standard gauge - Morocco and eastward

I think there is now a SG line in Nigeria. Liberia probably had one but I think it closed during a civil war.

Sierra Leone had a smaller than Metre gauge, but it was closed.
  by johnthefireman
There's a very comprehensive list of current and obsolete gauges worldwide at Railroad Gauge Width. I've referred to it often over the years, but my current painfully slow internet connection discourages me from doing much internet research these days so I've only just rememberd it and checked it. I'm not sure whether it is completely up to date, as standard gauge is burgeoning in a number of African countries over recent years. As far as I can see it doesn't show South Africa (whose standard gauge Gautrain is now several years old), Kenya or Ethiopia as having standard gauge.

China and the OIC have announced a Port Sudan to Dakar rail link, over 10000 km across the entire width of the continent, which will almost certainly be standard gauge, as part of China's new Silk Road trading strategy (link).
  by george matthews
I note that Sierra Leone was 2 ft 6. If the SG Dakar line is ever built I wonder if there could be a link down to SL? And to Nigeria and other states.
  by johnthefireman
By chance, while looking for something else, I came across the Wikipedia page on gauges, and spin off pages on Standard Gauge, metre gauge and 3' 6" gauge. Not as historically comprehensive as the other link I gave above, but far more up to date. They even include South Sudan, the newest nation in the world, which is still missing from many online lists.