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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by thebigham
Here's an oldie but a goodie:


exP&W Alco RS-3 #1602 sits next to the LVRC mainline in Hardwick, VT, on July 7, 1988.

I was touring the LVRC that day. It was hot and humid. I didn't see a train, but I found the shell of this RS-3.
  by LVRCboy
If any thing I post has been already...sorry Of the 5 RS-3 ALCO'S the 4 originals were 7801-7804. 7801 was badly damaged in '79 but was rebuilt. 7802 was totaled in a grade crossing accident in the early '80's. :( 7803 and 7804 were sold to West Jersey, 7803 went to West Michigan #203 and 7804 went to Pioneer Rail Corp #204. 7805 ,that was bought to replace the totaled 7802, was used up til the end. When 7801 was sold to York-Durham, the traction motors and batteries were taken from 7805 and put in 7801. 7805 was cut up for scrap in the engine house in Morrisville. 7801 started out as D&H 4068, York-Durham sold it to D&L and it has been rebuilt ,repainted (black and gold) and is back in use as D&L 4068 >Raido<. :-D There were 3 RS-11's purchased from Centeral Vermont in the early '90's. I understand that 3612 is still in use after beeing sold to York-Durham as 3612. In fact, it was the loco that brought 7801 down to New York when D&L bought it back. I dont know what happened to the other 2 , 3608 was abadoned at morrisville awaiting the scrapper last I knew. As for 3614 ????? AS LONG AS iM HERE Lamoille Valley had an offset coupola, 3 window, wood caboose. NERAIL has a picture of it. It was rd# 100...Does anyone have any Idea what ever happened to it ????? I grew up in Danville VT and the rails ran through my back yard. As my parents owened the grain store, and the train crew would stop there often for food and such, I all but grew up on these locos, Drove several of them before I was 10. The last time I went through Danville and seen the rails tore up, it was heart breaking...But to be able to go on youtube and find video of 4068 in use and be able to listen to her again is really nice, but still not the same.
  by B&M 1227
Though 7802 was badly damaged in the 80s, it is still operational. While it spent the remainder of it's time on the LVRC in the Morrisville deadline, it was sold to the Wabash & Grand Rivers.

I assume W&GR paid Conrail to re-build it with an EMD prime mover. From W&GR it went to the Fort Smith Railroad. FSR was later taken over by Pioneer Railcorp, where 7802 continues in service under the number 102. 7803 also ended up on PREX, renumbered 203.
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  by LVRCboy
B&M 1227...WAY TO GO MAN, ya made me cry...hope your happy....but really, thank you...my baby lives :-D and that is a really good fealing. Interesting note, there is a pic of her titeled Santa train on RailPictures.net, that is not the first time for that , I have on my wall a couple pics of LVRC 7802 as a Christmas Train in the late 70's early 80's I'm in a few of the pics, they were taken in my back yard
  by mowingman
Yes, I have photos of the rengined 7802 at Ft. Smith Arkansas. I took them sometime back in the mid 90's after the Ft. Smith Railroad was formed. It was in very good shape, and repainted in the yellow and green LVRC scheme, with Ft. Smith lettering. It seemed to be the spare engine, as the crew usually used a GP for their daily operations. The GP was also in a yellow and green "LVRC" paint scheme. This was in the days before Pioneer Railcorp adopted the black paint scheme as their corporate color.
  by thebigham
I returned to St Johnsbury last Sunday for the first time in 14 years.

LVRC mainline passing under the old Rt 5

I really wanted to find the Sleeper River bridge. I couldn't find it in the mid90s, but it was very easy to find.
  by B&M 1227
Were some of the LVRC excursion cars ex Conway Scenic, or is the car in this photo just on loan?
http://photos.greatrails.net/showpic/?p ... 723639.jpg

In other news I've made progress on my model of 7804. Right now it really just needs primer on the cab and nose. 7803 is still waiting for me to cut out a new piece of styrene for it's windshield.
  by b&m 1566
The Conway Scenic car was on loan. With the exception of the two first class cars on the valley train, the Conway Scenic only has one car with a black roof on the valley train (the ex-B&M open air car), all the rest have that silver color roofing.
  by MikeVT
The LVR rail trail got hit hard by the flooding over the last couple of weeks. Its going to take a lot of work to even use it as a snowmobile trail. The section from Joes Pond to St J has several washouts you can see from teh road. Not sure what you would find in the trees.
  by LVRCboy
Otto....Been looking for 100 myself...no luck yet...but have mannaged to track down every thing else, except rolling stock. If you find it ....please post here and I will do the same. Later All
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