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Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.

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  by scottychaos
I was just reading the history info on the official LAL page:


looks like LAL has only had 4 locomotives that have left the roster:

97 - GE 45 ton - bought 1964 - sold when?
(update - sold BY LAL in 1965 to RG&E, then to R&GVRR museum in 1991)

10 - GE 44 ton - bought 1964 - sold 1978

17 - 2-8-2 steam - bought 1965 - sold by LAL to private individual,
who then scrapped the engine in 1970.
originally Buffalo Creek & Gauley 17.

38 - 2-8-0 steam - bought 1965 - sold when? (update..sold around 1977)
currently with the Knox & Kane..
(with the Kinzua bridge collapse, anyone hear about about the potential fate of the K&K engines?)

those are the only 4 engines now off the roster.
then we have:

20 - Alco RS1 - bought 1972
72 - Alco S2 - bought 1978
425 - Alco C425 - bought 1981
420 - Alco C420 - bought 1995.

then in 1996 the four Guilford C424m's arrive.
LAL acquires four Alco C424M locomotives, bringing the fleet to ten (two are stored pending further expansion)
If there were 10 locomotives on the roster in 1996..that would have to mean GE 45ton #97 and steamer #38 were still on the roster in 1996?!
that cant be right..
that should probably be 8 locomotives in 1996.

I started photographing the LAL around 1996! :P
my first LAL photos are of the Guilford units wayyyy down at the south end of the line, right on the lake shore.

anyone know when 97 and 38 left the roster?
and anyone know the current status of the two GE's?

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  by scottychaos
38 left around 1977.
To answer the original poster's question, the LA&L tourist cars (at least most of them, including the ex-DL&W Boonton combine and ex-Erie Stillwell coaches) went with the 38 to the Gettysburg RR around about 1977 or so. IIRC, these cars carried the LA&L paint scheme for a while, before the Getty repainted them in the blue / gray scheme.


  by scottychaos
hey! look at this! :P
going WAY back to the very beginning of the internet! :wink:

Livonia, Avon & Lakeville All-Time Roster

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Subject: Livonia, Avon & Lakeville All-Time Roster
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Livonia, Avon & Lakeville
Equipment Roster

1. #97, Ex-Groveton Papers #97, GE-45 ton, Built 1941 #13057. Purchased 1964,
sold 1965 to Rochester, Electric & Gas Co. Presently RG&E #97.

2. #10, Ex-Vermont #10, Ex-PRR #9334, Built 6/48 #29967, GE 44ton. Purchased
1965, sold 1978 to Industrial Railway Equipment. Resold to Cargill Inc,
Toledo, OH.

3. #17, Built 1927, Baldwin 2-8-2 Ex-Savannah & Atlanta Rwy. Ex-Buffalo Creek
& Gauley Rwy. Purchased 1965, sold 1967 to James Gray. Scrapped 1969.

4. #38, Built 1928, Baldwin 2-8-0, Ex-Huntington & Broad Top Mountain. Ex-City
Rail #38. Purchased 1968, sold 1977 to Gettysburg Railroad as #38.

5. #20, Ex-Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion RR #20. ALCO RS1. Built 1949,
Purchased 1972. Presently in service. S/N 76797; 7/49.

6. #72, Ex-South Buffalo Rwy. #72. ALCO S-2. Purchased 1972. Presently in
service. S/N 69535.

7. #425, Ex-New Haven #2557, Ex-PC #2457, Ex-CR #5086 ALCO C-425. Purchased
1981. Presently in service. S/N 3398-2; 1965.

1. Former Erie Stillwell coaches #2508, 2619. Built 1928. Purchased 1965,
sold 1978 to Gettysburg Railroad.

2. Former Erie Stillwell coaches #2171, 2619. Built early 1920's. Purchased
1971. #2171 sold late 70's to private individual, Honeoye Falls, NY, scrapped
there 1981. #2192 sold to Loose Caboose Restaurant in Webster, NY.

3. Former NYC stainless steel coaches #2952, 2562. Built early 1940's.
Purchased 1966, sold to Gettysburg Railroad 1978.

4. Former DL&W combination coach #2501. Built 1915. Purchased 1964 from Fort
Erie (Ontario) Sportsman Club. Sold 1978 to Gettysburg Railroad.

All coach numbers are original owner numbers as well, with exception of 2501.

1. Former B&O (BR&P) wooden caboose, 8-wheel. Built 1915. Owned by private
individual. Operated by LA&L.

1. #1, Former URTX purchased 1971. Cut down to half flat. Used as Maintenance
of Way tool car.

Hey! there's LAL 97! :P


  by BR&P
Despite what that says, that ex-BR&P caboose was built in 1918, not 1915.
  by TB Diamond
LA&L #38 went to Gettysburg in late August, 1977. Photographed it sitting in the B&O Brooks Avenue yard on August 30, 1977, awaiting transport to Gettysburg.

  by nydepot
Hey, [email protected] was me in 1994! Cool you found that post Scott.

That info came from a letter the LA&L had sent me.


  by VTM
Thanks for sharing the last post.....

cant find my original anywhere......

  by jr
As far as we've been able to determine, the 45-tonner never carried a number after it became RG&E property. There is at least one photo around, that is dated 1965 (and therefore very shortly after its arrival on their property), showing only the RG&E emblem and BeeBee Station painted on the cab, without a road number.

This was the same paint scheme that it carried when the Rochester Chapter acquired it from RG&E in 1991.

The reason this rings a bell, is that Conrail requested a road-number in order to set up the billing. And we had to tell them that it had no number! They insisted that they had to have a number, so we gave them the build-year of 1941, from the builder's plates (that were still on the cab sides at the time - they have since been removed for safe keeping).


  by Legio X
Is the RS-36 used by the Ontario Central still an active unit?

  by Luther Brefo
Legio X wrote:Is the RS-36 used by the Ontario Central still an active unit?
It is stored in Victor and could be activiated if needed. Nothing is broken about it. I think its in the Insulator Plant Warehouse. (Scot?)

  by nessman
ONCT 418 (their RS-36) is their primary power. However, they bring backup engine SW-9 GSRX 708 out once in a while to stretch it's legs.
  by BR&P
With coincidental timing, last night (the 13th) I was sorting old papers and found 3 Xerox copies of the movement waybill for LA&L #10. It was dated March 13, 1979. Shipped from Avon NY to Erie PA, consigned to Industrial Railway Equipment Co C/O East Erie Commercial RR. 1 locomotive used 44 ton traveling on own wheels but bot under own power. It moved on LAL waybill 388 dated 3-12-79 to Avon and the Conrail waybill covered it from there to Erie. The waybill is stamped as arriving at Rochester on the 16th.

So 34 years has elapsed since #10 left the area.