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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by delvalrailfan
117 Bellevue OH-Chattanooga TN
123 Decatur IL-Linwood NC
124 Cincinnati OH-Decatur IL
132 Chattanooga TN-Bellevue OH
143 Elkhart IN-Chattanooga TN
144 Chattanooga TN-Elkhart IN
145 Bellevue OH-Kansas City MO
146 Decatur IL-Bellevue OH
149 Buffalo NY-Bellevue OH
169 Conway PA-Sharonville OH
174 Macon GA-Elkhart IN
175 Bellevue OH-Macon GA
176 Detroit MI-Sterling Heights MI
177 Elkhart IN-Macon GA
178 Irondale AL-Bellevue OH
179 Bellevue OH-Irondale AL
180 Macon GA-Bellevue OH
181 Detroit MI-St. Louis MO
184 Toledo OH (CN)-Bellevue OH
188 Bellevue OH-Crewe VA
194 Bellevue OH-Linwood NC
195 Linwood NC-Bellevue OH
10E Villa Grove IL (UP)-Conway PA UP QNLBV
10R Galesburg IL (BNSF)-Bellevue OH BNSF HGALNSI
11G Roanoke VA-Elkhart IN
11Q Bellevue OH-Elkhart IN
11V Enola PA-Bellevue OH
12K Frankfort IN-Elkhart IN
12N Bensenville IL (CP)-Chicago IL (Calumet)
12Q Elkhart IN-Bellevue OH
12V Bellevue OH-Conway PA
13Q Bellevue OH-Elkhart IN
14E Lafayette IN-Bellevue OH
14K Bellevue OH-Conway PA
14Q Elkhart IN-Bellevue OH
15E Bellevue OH-Pine Bluff AR (UP) UP MDUPB
15K Conway PA-Bellevue OH
15Q Portsmouth OH-Decatur IL
15V Conway PA-Bellevue OH
16E Chicago IL (BRC)-Bellevue OH
16G Chicago IL (Calumet)-Conway PA
17K Bellevue OH-Frankfort IN
17M Linwood NC-Elkhart IN
18A Proviso IL (UP)-Bellevue OH UP YPRBL
18K Decatur IL-Elkhart IN
18M Elkhart IN-Linwood NC
19K Elkhart IN-Decatur IL
304 Bellevue OH-Middletown OH
305 Middletown OH-Bellevue OH
307 Bellevue OH-Fort Wayne IN
310 Bellevue OH-Binghamton NY
316 Bellevue OH-Buffalo NY
326 Fort Wayne IN-Bellevue OH
331 Detroit MI-Bellevue OH
332 Bellevue OH-Detroit MI
343 Bellevue OH-Toledo OH
344 Toledo OH-Bellevue OH
353 Bellevue OH-Toledo OH (CN)
365 Fort Wayne IN-Elkhart IN
366 Elkhart IN-Fort Wayne IN
368 Muncie IN-Elkhart IN
369 Elkhart IN-Muncie IN
375 Bellevue OH-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
376 Louisville KY-Bellevue OH
30Q Chicago IL (Calumet)-Elkhart IN
31Q Elkhart IN-Chicago IL (Calumet)
34J Blue Island IL (IHB)-Bellevue OH
34N Decatur IL-Conway PA
35N Conway PA-Decatur IL
38E Bellevue OH-Wayne MI
39A Middletown OH-Sharonville OH Turn

200 Danville KY-Hammond IN (Colehour)
215 Chicago IL (Calumet)-Atlanta GA
216 Atlanta GA-Chicago IL (Calumet)
217 Linwood NC-Chicago IL (Calumet) Tue-Sat
218 Chicago IL (Calumet)-Linwood NC
229 Columbus OH-Jacksonville FL (FEC) Tue-Sat
229 Columbus OH-Cincinnati OH Sun
233 Norfolk VA-Chicago IL (Landers)
234 Chicago IL (Landers)-Norfolk VA
236 Columbus OH-Norfolk VA
240 Cincinnati OH-Chicago IL (Calumet) UPS
241 Chicago IL (Calumet)-Cincinnati OH UPS
255 Detroit MI-Kansas City MO Roadrailer
256 Kansas City MO-Detroit MI Roadrailer
282 Jacksonville FL-Chicago IL (Landers)
295 Chicago IL (Landers)-Jacksonville FL
20A St. Louis MO-Harrisburg PA Fri
20T Kansas City MO-Harrisburg PA
21A Harrisburg PA-St. Louis MO Tue, Thu, Sat
21T Harrisburg PA-Kansas City MO
24D Toledo OH-Columbus OH
25A Chicago IL (Calumet)-Danville KY
25N Columbus OH-Corwith IL (BNSF)
26N Chicago IL (Ashland)-Columbus OH BNSF QFTMNSA
26Z Cincinnati OH-Columbus OH
29G Norfolk VA-Sterling Heights MI

120 Kansas City MO-Detroit MI
121 Sterling Heights MI-Decatur IL
122 Kansas City MO-Detroit MI
171 Sterling Heights MI-Villa Grove IL (UP) UP ADESPJ
13J Fort Wayne IN-Gibson IN (IHB)
14T Detroit MI-Fostoria OH
18N Fostoria OH-Doremus NJ
272 Kansas City MO-Walkertown NC
280 Chicago IL (BRC)-Bellevue OH
287 Ayer MA (PAS)-Bellevue OH
288 Atlanta GA-Detroit MI
289 Detroit MI-Shelbyville KY
27J Fairlane OH-Roanoke IN As Needed
27V Walkertown NC-Sterling Heights MI As Needed
27V Walkertown NC-Detroit MI As Needed
27V Walkertown NC-Fairlane OH As Needed
28N Fostoria OH-Ayer MA (PAS)
29M Kansas City MO-Roanoke IN

L01 Middletown OH-Sharonville OH
L02 Middletown OH-Sharonville OH
L03 Marion IN-Wabash IN
L04 Middletown OH-Sharonville OH
L06 Middletown OH-Sharonville OH
L10 Middletown OH-Springfield OH
L11 Bellevue OH-Fostoria OH
L12 Middletown OH-Springfield OH
L13 Bellevue OH-Cleveland OH
L20 Bellevue OH-Huron OH
L21 Middletown OH-Sharonville OH
L22 Lorain OH-Bellevue OH
L23 Marion IN-Wabash IN
L26 Bellevue OH-Oak Harbor OH
L28 Fremont OH-Davidson OH
L35 Columbus OH-Lockbourne OH
L38 Columbus OH-Bellevue OH
L39 Columbus OH-Bucyrus OH
L40 Fort Wayne IN-Claypool IN
L41 Fort Wayne IN-Valparaiso IN
L42 Marion IN-Anderson IN
L43 Fort Wayne IN-Claypool IN
L44 Marion IN-Roanoke IN
L46 Marion IN-Milford Jct IN
L47 Columbus OH-London OH
L48 Fort Wayne IN-Columbia City IN
L49 Middletown OH-Sharonville OH
L50 Muncie IN-Portland IN
L51 Muncie IN-Orestes IN
L53 Portsmouth OH-Columbus OH
L55 Portsmouth OH-Circleville OH
L62 Montpelier OH-Munson MI
L68 Fostoria OH-Lima OH
L69 Fort Wayne IN-Montpelier IN
L70 Fostoria OH-Edgerton IN
L71 Fostoria OH-Green Springs OH
L72 Fostoria OH-Evans OH
L73 Lima OH-Ilers OH
L74 Lima OH-Evans OH
L75 Fort Wayne IN-Leipsic OH
L76 Fostoria OH-Evans OH
L79 Columbus OH-Chillicothe OH
L80 Muncie IN-Portland IN
L81 Richmond IN-Hamilton OH
L82 Muncie IN-New Castle IN
L83 Bellevue OH-Fostoria OH
L84 Richmond IN-Muncie IN
L85 Tipton IN-Frankfort IN
L86 Tipton IN-Alexandria IN
L87 Fort Wayne IN-Montpelier OH
L88 Muncie IN-Richmond IN
L90 Roanoke IN-Fort Wayne IN
L91 Fort Wayne IN-Woodburn IN
L95 Roanoke IN-Fort Wayne IN
L96 Fort Wayne IN-Butler IN
L97 Roanoke IN-Peru IN