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  by Allan
nyrmetros wrote: Wed Jan 11, 2023 12:26 am An Astoria line extension to LGA seems like a no brainer....
A no brainer indeed. However as previously discussed, the NIMBYs have the political clout (and the brains) to prevent it.

I have been to that area and I see their point, why would anyone who lives there want to see a wide street with plenty of light, "covered over" by an elevated structure. We won't even think about something underground in that area.
  by ExCon90
Actually modern el structures don't shut out as much light as the original elevated lines of the 19th century and are much quieter, but try telling that to people who will automatically think "Third Avenue El."
  by Jeff Smith
I think elevated rail is now seen as a blight. New York demolished quite a few and each area saw a revival. The likelihood of an elevated being built anywhere is none, unless it's in a highway median.
  by STrRedWolf
Jeff Smith wrote: Thu Jan 12, 2023 5:44 am I think elevated rail is now seen as a blight. New York demolished quite a few and each area saw a revival. The likelihood of an elevated being built anywhere is none, unless it's in a highway median.
I doubt even that now. I'm now of the opinion that if you want access to LGA, you're tunneling a line from 125th Street (1), ditto (A/B/C/D), Ditto (2/3), ditto (4/5/6), ditto (T/Q), under Randalls and Wards Islands and I-278/Grand Central Parkway (xfer Astoria Blvd (N/W)) until you get to Mets-Willets Point (7). If you want to go down even further, switch to the Van Wych and end at Jamaica (E/J/Z). If you want to be evil, end it *at* JFK.

No matter what, you're tunneling.
  by Jeff Smith
Agreed. I think the A is already pretty close, isn't it?
  by Gilbert B Norman
While The Duke can get you "mighty close" to KJFK, or otherwise to that $10 rip-off for the last mile, I think it is a bit of a stretch for same to be much of a proposed route to KLGA.

Moses was happy to "part the Red Sea" for tires on a highway, but "not exactly' for steel atop steel.
  by lpetrich
Statement from Governor Kathy Hochul on Mass Transit Access to LaGuardia Airport | Governor Kathy Hochul - "I accept the recommendations of this report" without a link to the report itself, or any details about its contents.

Plans to Build AirTrain to La Guardia Are Officially Scrapped - The New York Times -- "Ballooning costs help doom what had been a pet project of former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo."
Gov. Kathy Hochul has abandoned plans to build a light-rail link to La Guardia after a review found that the project’s cost had ballooned to $2.4 billion, more than five times initial estimates.

When Ms. Hochul’s predecessor, Andrew M. Cuomo, first announced the pet project in 2015, he placed the cost at $450 million. After Mr. Cuomo resigned in disgrace in 2021, the plan faced mounting opposition from elected officials and community groups. Ms. Hochul halted the project and ordered the review several months after taking office.

Releasing the results of the assessment on Monday, a panel of transportation experts is recommending the less-expensive option of increasing public bus service to La Guardia and the addition of a shuttle between the airport and subway stations in northern Queens to reduce air travelers’ dependence on taxis and private cars.
About extending a subway line to LGA,
The panel agreed that extending the subway to provide a “one-seat ride” from Midtown was “the optimal way to achieve the best mass transportation connection.” But they added that the engineers that reviewed the options could not find a viable way to build a subway extension to the cramped airport, which is hemmed in by the Grand Central Parkway and the East River.

Even if a way could be found to extend the subway that would not interfere with flight operations at La Guardia, the analysis concluded, it would take at least 12 years and cost as much as $7 billion to build.
  by lpetrich
LaGuardia AirTrain NYC: Hochul scraps plan and MTA, Port Authority improve bus service - ABC7 New York
The new nonstop shuttle service would be between the airport and the last stop on the N/W subway line at the Astoria-Ditmars Blvd station. It would include the exclusive use of electric buses and dedicated bus lanes.
Also proposed improvements to the Q70 bus between Woodside and LGA.

Q70 (New York City bus) - Wikipedia and q70sbs Route: Schedules, Stops & Maps - LaGuardia Link +Select Bus Terminals C & B (Updated)
The Q70 bus stops at LIRR's Woodside station and subway-train stations at 61st Street–Woodside and Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street. It is essentially an express to LGA, stopping only at those two stations and at LGA itself.

Port Authority, NY Gov. Hochul Toss LaGuardia AirTrain Plan | Engineering News-Record
Has a map of the proposed shuttle-bus route: Astoria - Ditmars Blvd station - 31th St. - 19th Ave. - LGA
  by Jeff Smith
Why not just have the PA run the bus?
  by Allan
Jeff Smith wrote: Tue Mar 14, 2023 8:51 am Why not just have the PA run the bus?
The PA will want to charge some kind of fare, negating the free transfer from subway to bus (and vice versa) one would get from the MTA.
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