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  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by photobug56
A big part of the decline over the last half century has been the loss of passenger / commuter train access. Once, passenger rail was the only way to get around. Today, that is still true for some, but is a way to get cars off the roads, reduce air pollution, get city residents (NYC and more) access without cars to places in PA, and could be a huge boost for NEPA.

If you hate this so much, why do you keep posting in a thread about doing what you don't want done?
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Bug, I continue to participate at this topic because I originated it some twenty years ago. It was intended to become a six postings "asked and answered", obviously it has become some kind of epic.

Now what I think would be interesting, if there was any reasonable way to do so, would be to determine how many posts there were regarding restoration of service to Scranton, as distinct to Monroe County PA, prior to the release of that Connect US coloring book early in the Biden administration, and how many subsequent. Somehow, I think the latter would win out.
  by photobug56
You originated it, and gave up on it. Many others are still interested, but you continue to try and talk it down. And Monroe County is part of the discussion. This is not just about service from Scranton to Hoboken, but about service between Scranton and NYC and various points along the way. Commuters, students, vacationers, business people, and others, along with businesses that might grow from it and ones that might have to change their business models. And reducing air pollution. Eastern PA once had good service to NYC, and never stopped needing it.
  by sandcastle
How will NJ Transit provide service to Andover? Will they need a Dinky to shuttle between Landing / Lake Hopatcong station to Andover? Or will Andover be used as a terminus and split some of Hackettstown crew and equipment?
  by lensovet
My understanding was that it would be more of the latter. Depending on the situation at Penn, they could potentially even run Midtown Direct service if there are slots available using dual modes. That could trigger a good influx of new riders from Hopatcong too.
  by MaRoFu
I’m assuming that some of the diesel Morristown and MB Line trains that currently terminate in places like Denville, Dover, and Lake Hopatcong will be extended up to Andover.
  by Jeff Smith
Photobug and Mssr. Norman, let's leave the bickering out of the topic. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, pro or con. Go Trains!
  by Gilbert B Norman
I agree, rode Miss Phoenix Hoboken Scranton March '60.

I do have one question; the Hob-NKP-Chi Pullman line was gone when I rode. From the video, I note it was placed between the Diner and the Obs. Does that mean the Obs was only open to Pullman passengers?
GBN - Good find about the DL&W"s Phoebe Snow - Late 1950s this film looks to be from...
The post date was June 3, 2009 and the OP mentions that this film was goint to to be discarded (!!!)

For the record at least two of the pictured PS observation cars were sold to the LIRR - and were conveyed to
Metro-North to become MNCR business cars - that sometimes can be found laid up at Grand Central Terminal...
(off topic - shown in film)

We can just only wonder how things could have been had this line and route remained intact to this day...
  by photobug56
Gilbert B Norman wrote: Fri Jan 27, 2023 3:08 pm Going out to Mr. Bug, and the other aficionados who again seek through passenger service over the Cut-Off:

I was too young to have seen the Phoebe Snow in action, but I'm guessing that my father had a number of trips on Phoebe Snow and other trains. Among other places, he had regular trips to Detroit from Scranton regarding his car hauling business.

I'd love to get the Steamtown National Historic site Phoebe Snow video.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. MACTRAX, Budd vice PS
  by Gilbert B Norman
So let's see Mr. Bug; if you were born in '56, as your handle suggests, you would have been 4yo when I made my journey @ 19yo. Therefore, you would not have seen #3 or #6 with that line.

Now another point regarding that line, did DL&W - to me the classiest passenger train operator in the Northeast - expect that line to have DL&W equipment assigned (sorry 'bout that NKP if your connecting train was "mix or match")? I guess since the mileage was just about 50-50, NKP could pay them back with their cars (of course this was all handled by Pullman) handling the Hob-Chi line on 7-8 Westerner.

But still, enquiring mind wants to know.
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