• LA&L, B&H, WNYP Train Movements 2010

  • Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.
Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.

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  by Mike Stellpflug
First train of 2010.
425 - 420 - 422 out of Lakeville with 12 cars.

  by railwatcher
Lets start 2010 with a fresh movements thread. Post what you saw, where you saw it and which line it was on.
  by K4Pacific
The B&H interchanging 50+ LPG bang bangs in Painted Post was a site to behold Monday January 4th.
  by Mike Stellpflug
425 & 422 out of Lakeville with 18 cars.

At Papermill Rd. on a cheerless morning.
  by Sandy Burton

Thanks for keeping those pictures coming. I just wish I lived closer and could be trackside to catch some of these three unit lash-ups.

  by alsorailfan
Friday 1-22-10, 425-420-422 out of Lakeville with 12 cars. Picked up 3 hoppers from the northern part of Avon yard, 2 from Howlett Farms, picked up an empty center beam from Matthews Fields and was at Genesee Junction just before the 691 (?) CSX local with about 30cars came to drop off the loads for LA&L to take back south (23 cars). Did some switching for Barillla before I had to head back home. Lots of other activities took place such as CSX east bound with a switcher, etc. 418 was doing yard duties at Lakeville. Will post pictures later when I can pick out a few of the unexpected 456 pictures I took! (disadvantage of digital cards...but a good one...)
Edit: Forgot that they stopped at Howlett again on the way south.
See LA&L 01-22-10 posting for the pictures.
  by alsorailfan
A bit of everything from the company working on the line into Sweetner Plus, checking/measuring/inspecting the tracks from the yard to South Lima Rd., CSX dropping off cars at Genesee Junction as well as the 'taxi '#55 with PA. plates doing the transport for CSX conductor/brakeman, Tartaglia HiRail pickup inspecting the R&S line, and so on. Busy day all around! And no didn't have time to have a beer! :-D

  by alsorailfan
As Mike Stellpflug has great shots of the trio smoking on a very frosty morning, no way I can compete with that! However a few of some more normal operations on this day. Enjoy! November was a great month for frosty shots!

  by Mike Stellpflug
425 - 420 - BH 422 out this morning with 15 cars and new 45th Anniversary heralds
on the flanks of 425 & 420.


The train at Littleville Rd.
  by ckwwestshore
I'm assuming this means BH 422 is back on home rails, right?
  by sallenparks
C424m's 423&424 have the logo as well my dad saw them yesterday.
  by Mike Stellpflug
420 & 425 out of Lakeville this morning with 10 cars.
422 in the shops for work.
72 also has the new herald.
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