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  by abaduck
http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mta ... -1.1000112

"Thomas, who has been with the MTA since 2007, has an arrest record including a robbery and menacing bust in 1993 and an assault from April 2011, according to cops."

Serious question, not having a go at anyone here... why wouldn't such a criminal record preclude hiring for a public safety position? Why wouldn't the recent conviction for assault have resulted in him being fired? Are there rules, standards or procedures covering this?

  by R36 Combine Coach
If you recall back last March, the fatal bus crash on I-95 in the Bronx involved a driver with a repeat felony record. Since then, NY State has been moving to tighten rules on commercial bus licensing.
  by abaduck
"It has been noted recently that they MTA, as a state agency, can't do that. there is a man driving buses in Brooklyn who was formerly a cop, until it was discovered he was robbing banks on the side."

"But that didn’t preclude him from getting a job, thanks to strict state hiring laws.
State agencies are forbidden from using candidates’ criminal histories against them in most cases."

Wow. Just... wow.

So a guy could have relatively recently done time for, say, rape & robbery, and could be working as an MTA conductor or State Trooper?

That's, politely, batshit. Even volunteers at our FD (who are considered employees for legal purposes - OHSA etc) have to pass background checks and can be 'fired' or not 'hired' if there are any concerns about their history or conduct.

  by BobLI
Please remember an arrest is not a conviction. Lots of people get arrested and can plead down to a much lesser charge which will not result in a criminal conviction. It would be a "violation" such as disturbing the peace, etc, which would result in a fine and no criminal record.
  by Freddy
I like it. Dude has his feet proped up in a seat on a crowded car. Conductor proceeds to rectify the situation to the best of his ability. Customer service at it's finest. 'Yo Dawg wats wit
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