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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
Colleagues please review this commuter railway fleet, this may be expected to be a replacement for the MCW302 fleet that has entered the age of rejects and the number of flexible commuter train fleetsis being critical https://wikivisually.com/wiki/KiHa_120? ... CPAGE_ID10" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;% 2C4450186543
You see, the Indonesian railway company is now just focusing on the fleet of airport trains, so that many ofthe commuter rail fleets are not getting the proof of my favorite SUPOR commuter train just to the point of muting the fleet, here's the chronology. 2003-2008 MCW302, 2009 MCW302 was damaged continuously, replaced by electric diesel rail train(EDRT) from ABB-Hyundai electric train but only lasted about 2 and a half years, 2010-2016 re-use MCW302 mixture from dipoto Sidotopoand Solo Balapan, but MCW302 back damaged, forced to use the fleet of pioneer trains jenggala diesel rail Indonesia, because MCW302 comma only one month, back using MCW302. And the most severe is happening again on the 1st week of Indonesia, my faforit train uses a fleet of 4 economy subsidized AC train with KP type generator and pulled by locomotive. The younger brother of the North also experienced a similar thing that the first commuter SULAM in 2004-2009 always use the MCW302 fleet, but MCW302 damaged, forced to use the fleet of economy subsidized AC train with the number of approximately 6 or 7 economic trains with type KP anyway. 2010-2016 reusing the MCW302 fleet, as the stock of the MCW302 fleet for SUPOR commuter trains is at a minimum, then a series of Indonesian diesel rail trains which're used fleets from Madiun Jaya trains that're out of operation. 2016-2017 half using the Indonesian diesel rail fleet train however, the fleet used comes from the train Jenggala earlier, with sequence number 13 06-13 08, Cousin from earth of Gambang Semarang also experienced the same thing as his brother and sister in Surabaya, 2014-2016 using MCW301 air-conditioned fleet, again MCW ... again MCW. but was damaged in about mid-2017, and replaced by the former Blora Jaya And mid-2017-now, re-use the MCW301 fleet, and now the commuting SULAM fleet is mutual again, 2 months ago wearing his fleet former Banyubirulah, now the former Arjuno Express, now what, what then, the main thing is now the crisis again!
  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
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