• just to add to the rumor mil....CAT BUYING EMD???

  • Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.
Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by prt1607j
NOW as most of you know CATERPILLAR makes tractors including the infamous D 11R.

they also make motors for KW and Peterbilt trucks.. as well as BIG motors for the locos on the rails...

however a firend of mine told me that they may be buying EMD.. any one hear likewise?!?!?

  by DutchRailnut
there are two possible buyers one is Caterpillar , the other is Greenbrier industries.

  by Phil Hom
Nobody is buying anybody untill all parties agree with the terms. Cat may be interested, but the UAW says NO!

  by mxdata
Canadian Auto Workers also are opposed to this sale. See the article which recently appeared in the London, Ontario newspaper.

http://www.canoe.ca/NewsStand/LondonFre ... 71657.html

  by 498
Isn't it fascinating that you have to go to a Canadian newspaper to find out what is happening in the US. Has anybody seen any report on this in a US newspaper? EMD still employs about 2000 people in La Grange, you would think the Chicago papers would be on top of this.

  by mxdata
The fate of a major US business is small change to the US press compared with the opportunity to run pictures of terrorists running around with panties over their heads.

  by RdHseRat
I feel so sorry for the UAW. (sarcasm intended) To bad they didn't do their job when LaGrange was still building units. Instead they went out of their way to damage the reputation of EMD and the fabrication shop at LaGrange. Even to the point of sabotaging new units. Traction motors birds-nesting at 25 miles; brake pipe being 90% plugged with UAW strike literature just below the 26L automatic brake valve mounting bracket; oh the stories that could be told about the UAW at LaGrange. EMD management at LaGrange wasn't very good either.

  by mxdata
We had one new locomotive come out of EMD with a complete lunchbox with sandwiches in the bottom of the engine oil pan, another that had a twenty five foot extension cord and drop light looped all around the cylinder liners in the engine air box, and another which had the carbonized remains of several "Illinois Fried" chickens between the legs of the exhaust manifold ("Bake at Run 8 for six minutes or until the chicken starts burning, whichever occurs first"). But none of these compare with the Chevy a friend got, which always had an irritating rattle in one door. They finally took the door apart and found a bunch of steel washers on a string, with a note that said "I'll bet you had a hard time finding this".
  by Realityrail
On July 1, the hand over will occur. Note that all purchase orders out of EMD now read:

Sold to the Electro Motive Division of General Motors or its successor
  by Allen Hazen
The 6000 hp locomotive has only gone away for a while: it will be back. GE has said that the GEVO engine can be stretched to a 6000 hp 16-cylinder model. When that happens, the non-GE locomotive builder in North America-- EMD under new management being the obvious candidate-- will need an engine bigger than the 710. Do we assume that, if Catepillar takes over, the EMD H engine is dead, and the Cat 3600 series (which Caterpillar tried to interest the locomotive builders in before they went off to their separate H and HDL fiascos) will be used?

  by mxdata
The CAT 3600 series is pretty much a dead issue in US locomotive service. It is physically very large, is extremely heavy, and quite difficult to engineer into a locomotive design. Many of its features just do not "fit" well in locomotive installations. And keep in mind that it is now a very mature design in a market where new emissions requirements have developed.

CAT has had a somewhat smaller and lighter high horsepower engine under development for several years which was designed, from the ground up, to be more suitable for locomotives. If they are seriously interested in EMD, it is a good indication that this engine is close to commercial introduction.

The folks in Peoria are very aware that locomotives are the big market they are presently not getting much out of. That may change soon.

This could be a very interesting time for the various EMD distributors in the marine, industrial, and railroad shortline markets. If CAT buys EMD, would they be retained, or would EMD parts and service be handled by the local Caterpillar dealers? If this happens, I would expect to see a lot of people changing jobs very quickly.

  by prt1607j
tell ya what man.. CAT diesels PULL... a 03 KW with eaton fuller 8 speed only a day cab.. note its a W9.. any way it pulls a 53' trailer with out a hitch... loves to do 70.. its only a INLINE 6.... but still using CAT motors will provide MASSIVE POWER with a great fuel economy..

  by Zeke
I believe that Goode fellow, the CEO of Norfolk Southern is on the board of directors of Caterpillar also. BTW my 1980 W-900a Kenworth has a 3408 Cat putting out 590 HP to the rear wheels. With a 9 over main and a 4 over auxillary and grossing 79,800 it duplicates the pulling power of 4 SD-45s on 18 wheels...Driver !

  by EDM5970
Zeke, I'm sure you are proud of your KW, but the basic math doesn't support your comparison. I'm estimating here, but four SD-45s at, say, 360,000 lbs. each, would weigh 1,444,000 lbs. Starting tractive effort at 25% adhesion (a standard, although maybe outdated number) for that lashup would be 360,000 lbs. I don't thnk your rig has that much horizontal pull.

Or are you speaking in terms of HP to weight? In that case, the weight of the trailer (79,800 for the entire rig) makes it hard to figure; I don't know what the tractor alone weighs. I used to broker rail equuipment part time, and wish I had a dollar for everytime I explained tractive effort vs HP. HP gives you acceleration, while TE is a function of weight on drivers.

Sorry, but I don't think your comparison is valid.

  by oleanfuzz
Did MK use the Cat 3600 to power their MK5000C road locomotives or was it something else? If it was does anyone know the reliability of those locomotives?