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  by Martin Baumann
Does anybody have a car roster for JFK Airtrain? All sources suggest they have 32 cars (less one wrecked??) but from riding the system and looking at photos at nycsubway.org and elsewhere numbers stretch from 101 to 123 and 201 to 214

Were some numbers not used or cars renumbered?

Martin Baumann
  by LIRR 7016

I do know that one was wrecked during testing and the operator died. That car is sitting on stands outside of the air train facility. It is only half of the car. They cut the bad half off and made the remaining car a static display. As for the amount of cars i am not sure how many they have. I can tell you they did skip over some numbers and you have what you said about the numbers. They never had 101 to 214. There is the gap of numbers in between.

  by MKIIBraz
There are 32 trains in JFK
Roster is from 101-123. Minus 102 the accident car
And 201-210 these are dual VOBC cars
  by Martin Baumann
Thanks for that. I thought numbers went to 214 as my xls log of trips for last year said 205+214 Jamaica to JFK but on checking the original hand written notes I see I actually rode 205+114

What is a "dual VOBC car" ?
  by lirr42
VOBC = Vehicle On-Board Computer