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  • Discussion relating to the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, the Erie, and the resulting 1960 merger creating the Erie Lackawanna. Visit the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society at http://www.erielackhs.org/.
Discussion relating to the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, the Erie, and the resulting 1960 merger creating the Erie Lackawanna. Visit the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society at http://www.erielackhs.org/.

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  by manhattan exile
Anyone know what remaining extant "JC" milepost has the highest number on it. Never seen one with triple digits. Perhaps these exist outside of NJ given it doesn't take 100 miles (as most crows might fly) to leave the state.
  by TB Diamond
There was or possibly still is one just east of Owego, NY. Seems that it may have been 236.

  by johnpbarlow
According to the excellent series of Larry DeYoung's "EL in Color" books, the highest # "JC xx" MP ever probably would have been Dunkirk, NY, something like "JC 459" (Salamanca would have been "JC 412" (I think), and Dunkirk was 47 miles further west). So perhaps the highest # JC milepost might still be at Salamanca since I think the Salamanca to Dunkirk branch has been abandoned.

Salamanca was the junction of the original Erie route Piermont to Dunkirk and the Atlantic & Great Western, which ran Salamanca west to Dayton, OH. West of Salamanca, Erie mileposts were "S xx" with mileage starting at Salamanca, and going to "S 388" at Dayton.

Mainline milepost mileage restarted again west of Marion to Hammond, originally the Chicago and Atlantic RR. I'm guessing the highest MP west of Marion was "M 249" at Hammond?

  by ANDY117
Waverly is I believe 255, Gang mills in in the 280s, IIRC, and so on. Endicott is between 221 and 223.
  by henry6
ERIE MP's exit the lenght of the line to Chicago where ROW or track still exists. However, didn't it begin again at "0" at Youngstown or someplace in Ohio?
  by henry6
I just thought, prompted by this same thread on the NJ RR pages, that the Erie did go to Dunkirk and the "0" MP I refer to is at Salamanca governing to Hammond and the JC MP's do carry on to Dunkirk in the 450's.
  by jr
Mr. Barlow is correct about the numbering of the mileposts.

A portion of the old mainline to Dunkirk still exists as the New York and Lake Erie shortline, between Cattaraugus, and Dayton, I believe. It's quite likely that there are still some in the 420s or 430s out there.

In addition, the remainder of the abandoned line to Dunkirk passes through some rather rural areas. Since those Erie mileposts are quite heavy, and don't have any real scrap value, I would guess that many of them are still in place between Dayton and Dunkirk.


  by joshuahouse
They are still there in Steuben County on the old Erie main and on the Buffalo line. Somewhere west of here the numbers shift to S xxx with S being Salamanca. There is one JC milepost that is directly adjacent to County Rt 119 that has been painted blaze orange so that drivers see it.

  by wantsrail
When did he Erie put those concrete mile posts in place.

My guess would be about 1900 when the use of cncrete became popular.
  by s4ny
Concrete mileposts on the Rochester Branch showed miles to Jersey City. I remember 336 in Wayland. (The shortest highway distance from Wayland to 42nd St. and Park Ave. in Manhattan is 285 miles.)

Clarissa St. in Rochester was at 384.
Erie crossed the Lehigh Valley between Golah and Industry between 371 an 372.

On the Mt. Morris Branch the Caneseraga Creek Bridge was between 379 and 380. That is the distance from that point to JC via Avon (366)and then south via Bath (311).

I don't know about the line from Hornell to Buffalo, but I assume that it still shows distance to JC. Maybe someone will check along Rt. 36 in Arkport.

Hornell is 332.

Does anyone know what the mileposts show on the line that Metro North now uses (former freight line) through Campbell Hall?

  by bingdude
The Mileposts on the Graham Line are also JCs. The numbers jump back when it rejoins the mainline.

Three digit JC mileposts are all over the place if you drive West on NY Route 17. All you have to do is look.

  by JoeS
Just yesterday I traveled along the former Erie Southern Tier from Warsaw to Lancaster and I know that MP JC383 still stands. There are also some along Erie Ave. in Lancaster and these would be JC410, 411, 412 etc. I don't know if they go right to Buffalo or not.

  by oibu
Three-digit JC mileposts are present all the way west starting from MP 100 (just west of Pond Eddy) to the areas discussed above in western NY. They are hardly rare! Also the Honesdale Branch (now Stourbridge RR) has JC Mileposts along it's entire length, starting out from Lackawaxen at mile JC 110.

  by ANDY117
where does the tier go west of Gang Mills? Hornell to Buffalo? I know route 17 parallels tracks but not sure what they were.
  by henry6
Andy, the Tier Line west from Binghamton basically follows the former ERIE, ERIE LACKAWANNA, CONRAIL through Elmira, Corning, Hornell, Warsaw to Buffalo. Western New York and Pennsylvania operates the former Erie line west of Hornell to Olean, Jamestown and Meadville.