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  by David Benton
"The Turin-Lyon high-speed railway has been in limbo for months after the country’s new populist government threatened to cancel it.

But in a statement Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte committed to completing the project, ruling that it would cost too much to scrap."

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/worl ... 22656.html
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Wait and hope.... :P :P :P

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Turin–Lyon high-speed railway - Wikipedia with Mont d'Ambin Base Tunnel - Wikipedia a.k.a. the Mont Cenis base tunnel. It will be about 57.5 km (35.7 mi) long.

TELT | Homepage • TELT Lyon-Turin - on the construction effort. That page has trouble loading, so I've consulted the effort's Twitter feed: TELT tunnel (@telt_tunnel) / Twitter

I have prepared an English translation of the French and Italian taglines: We are building the cross-border section of the new line #LyonTurin / #TorinoLione

Transalpine Lyon-Turin on Twitter: "ON AVANCE! ..." / Twitter
(Flexed biceps) ON AVANCE !
(30) km de galeries sur les 162 km d’ouvrages souterrains prévus sont déjà creusés sur le chantier @telt_tunnel du #LyonTurin.
(20)% du projet global réalisés.

(Google Translate)
(Flexed biceps) WE ARE GOING FORWARD !
(30) km of galleries out of the 162 km of planned underground structures have already been dug on the site @telt_tunnel of #LyonTurin .
(20)% of the overall project completed.
  by lpetrich
TELT tunnel on Twitter: "Trains are competitive only if they travel on level ground and the only way to do so where there are mountains is to build “base tunnels”. For this reason, 7 tunnels are being built along the #Alps in addition to the #LyonTurin Mont-Cenis | #EUGreenDeal https://t.co/BjoORHaDWg" / Twitter
With an image file that shows:
  • Moncenisio / Mont-Cenis 57.5 -- ?
  • Lötschberg 34.6 km -- partially built, to be completed in 2028
  • Zimmerberg 22.1 km -- partially built
  • Gothard / Gotthard 57 km -- built
  • Ceneri 15.4 km -- in final stages of commissioning
  • Brennero / Brenner 56 km -- 2028
  • Koralm 32 km -- 2026
  • Semmering 22 km -- 2027
Koralm Tunnel - Wikipedia - in central Austria, east-west. It should be open in 2026.

Zimmerberg Base Tunnel - Wikipedia - just south of Zürich. Phase I has been built. It goes between Zürich and Thalwil. Phase II has been shelved, though it may be built around 2030. It goes between Thalwil and Baar.
  by lpetrich
This part of the line has three sections, each one awarded to separate contractors.
  • Lot 1: 21.9 km of tunnels between Modane and the France-Italy border.
  • Lot 2: 23 km of tunnels between Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte and Modane.
  • Lot 3: 3 km of tunnels(?) between the entrance portal at Saint-Julien-Montdenis and Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte.
With a grand total of 58 kilometers or 36 miles.
  by kato
lpetrich wrote: Mon Nov 08, 2021 9:54 am
  • Lot 3: 3 km of tunnels(?) between the entrance portal at Saint-Julien-Montdenis and Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte.
Regarding the ? :

If you look at the drawing here : https://www.pini.group/en/pini/news/TELT-News/TELT1

Lot 1 is the 21.8 km tunnel section between the two lateral connection tunnels marked Villarodin-Bourget Moudane and La Maddalena, i.e. the cross-border section.

Lot 2 is the part with the red, blue and green arrows. Between Saint-Martin-la-Porte and La Praz a 9 km-long exploration tunnel has been separately dug already, finished in 2019. The lot is about expanding this construction (along 23 km length) for the full two tunnels as well as for the La Praz emergency stop. Construction for these starts from sideways access tunnels that were also already dug - i.e. not from the entrance portal.

Lot 3 is about simply building the part between Lot 2 and the entrance portal. This section will also have a different gradient than the main tunnel.

The 9.4 km section from La Maddalena over to La Susa is the "Italian Lot" that hasn't been awarded yet.
  by lpetrich
Thanx. I wasn't sure whether it was. Saint-Julien-Montdenis is indeed the location of the French-side tunnel entrance portal, and it's tunnel all the way to Italy.