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  by zakharin
I have reason to be in the WTC area during the day on a weekday, and was wondering whether it was safe crime-wise to take I-280 and park in the Harrison parking deck, and take the PATH train into the city?

Thanks in advance
  by umtrr-author
I've always considered it safe, even before the 'redevelopment.' I am a city boy, though...

My issue was never actually being able to find a place to park! We are talking "previous century" for the most part however.
  by JCGUY
I've used the deck and the open air lot behind the deck. Never had a problem.
  by nyrmetros
Harrison is a very safe place. Never had a problem there, but I am only there on MLS gameday.
  by ryanov
Newark is also a safe place to park. "Safe place to park" kind of grates on my nerves, especially when plenty of these people on these boards live in these towns. Cars are stolen/damaged in all sorts of places, even the suburbs.