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  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Anyone know if this shortline is still in service?

I know they hual frieght and have Trolley excursions on weekends.


  by fnwjohn
These guys are big-time still in operation. Several years ago they landed a huge contract with a soybean processer that doubled traffic on the line. IATR is probably doing better now than ever before. It is still 100% electrally operated.

FYI the passenger excursions ended several years ago due to insurance problems. They were operated by a non-affiliated museum.

News from the Area-John in SUX

  by SRS125
Several of there car wonder over CSX Rail to Lyons, NY to Interchange to the Finger Lakes Railway who takes them to Senica Foods in Geneva, NY.

  by MR77100
Do they still have North Shore car #727?

  by cito
Hey there ... I can attest the Iowa Traction line is still in service. On 6July06, I watched one of their four old motors, No. 60, switch the IC&E interchange tracks in Mason City and make a 4- or 5-mile trip west to Emery, hauling empty scrap cars over and hauling full ones back to interchange. No plans to replace the old (1917-1923) motors, but don't delay if you want to see them --- one bad tornado that takes the overhead down and it's probably all over.
  by Doug Kroll
The IATR is alive and well. If you plan on railfanning the line, be there early around 8:00 when the crew starts. Once they finish their switching for the day they are done. On the day I was there in Sept they had quite a bit to do, so they broke for lunch and continued into the afternoon, but many days they finish up by Noon. One unit is usually kept at the Soybean plant in Mason City and the other units at the shops in Emery.
For pictures, see http://www.rr-roadtrip.com/IATR1.htm

Doug Kroll

  by Aji-tater
I got to laugh at the original post. If they haul freight, and run excursions on weekends, are they still in service? Duh!

  by HoggerKen
They have been doing a lot of work putting new ties from Emery to Mason City to haul scrap from the new processor next to the shops. Also a Bio-Diesel plant is along the line, not sure if he will get access to switch it or not.

Ops. are still the same with an 0800 start. Two motors stay in Mason City, with one going to Emery to work the yard. Some interchange to UP at Clear Lake junction where Job 82 will pull and spot "the Trolley".

  by HoggerKen
The trolley car only comes out on certain occasions, otherwise it is locked up in the shop.