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  by marc224
Hello, my name is Marc Moll,

My name is Marc Moll. I was told that you are the right person to contact about the history of bus transport in Canada (Ottawa) Vancouver , Toronto etc..
Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get information on this subject.
I had a discussion with a friend about bus transport in the 70s, especially in the 80s and 90s. I will also give a lecture on this topic (public transport) in class. l

My first question is: Since when have there been automatic announcements and stop displays on buses?

Before there were automatic stop announcements and displays, did the bus driver have to announce the stops over the microphone?
Did the bus drivers also do this when they had to announce the stops themselves? Was this also done in practice?
Or how was a passenger supposed to know where the next stop was?

How did the bus drivers deal with this? Did they follow it exactly, did most of them do it or only half, etc.? What percentage of bus drivers always give the stops without being asked?
Did the announcements work equally well during the period mentioned (1970, 1980, 1990) or was it worse at the beginning or end of this period?