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  by knaight
Hey there, my name's Knaight, I'm a music video director from Massachusetts and I'm looking to shoot a few scenes for a music video at a railyard. It doesn't have to be active, in fact an abandoned one (provided there are cars there) might be cool. It doesn't even need to be a whole rail yard, as long as I can create a background that has a few cars in it, that would be fine.

I was wondering if anyone knew someone or had contact information for someone at a location where I could shoot these scenes? It'll be a very small production, 10 people or less, and we'll be there for only two hours or less. Our budget for this video is $200, so obviously we can't pay anything to use the space. We don't have to be ON the railyard, just close enough so that the cars will take up the background.

If anyone could help me with this, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance! Instead of PMing me, if you could either send me an e-mail at [email protected], or reply to this post, that'd be great. Thanks.

-Knaight Davis

p.s. I don't know which forum is most appropriate for this post, so I'm going to put it in a few of them, hope it's not a problem.

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
there are many RR yards in MA, here is what i know of...: (all MA except where noted)

Mansfield (just frieght cars)
New Bedford (small, 4 tracks little to no activity, just cars)
Valley Falls, RI
Taunton (small RR yard 2 tracks on Ingell St. off near Weir Junction)

thats all i can think of in MA

  by knaight
Thank you very much, that's really helpful! Do you have any contact information for them? If not, I'll just google them, I'm sure I can come up with something.


  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
most of those yards are just a couple of tracks, no yard offices or anything

CSOR has a yard, in Hartford, behind the music ampi-theater. Public parking is right alongside it, with lots of trains, in the background. I thought you wanted to do this in Pa., according to the post you made, here: http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29237
Change your mind?........ :P

  by CSX Conductor
MBTA, you shouldn't be condoning this. :(