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General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
You must be wondering how the security system of crossing in my country? Here's the security system
1. Flat signs with a variety of shapes, which in the sense :
A. Silver color with red as edge line and accompanied by writing box marked RAILWAY, ONE / TWO SIDE black with black as the edge line
B. White or yellow with black writing marked CAUTION RAILWAY, ONE / TWO MIX with writing placement in the form of a flat cross, sometimes these signs are innocent without writing what i mean
2. Warning sign of type crossing
Images of locomotives for those that don't have doors and fence drawings for which have doors, Sometimes it is rhombic or rectangular, if rectangular, usually placed simultaneously with the cross-cross, with a similar design of the flat cross Type B
3. Stop sign
Sometimes it is in the shape of an octagon or circle, if the circle should be added white lines to be more assertive, Sometimes these signs are white
3. The doors
The use of adjusting the widthof the road (in the sense if narrow 1 pair, if width 2 pairs), signal lights with hanging hollow form sometimes 1 or 2 with light bulb or LED bulb emitting system, sirens with sounds like in Japan or ni-nu-ni-nu, Doors with red and white stripes, wood-based boards, wooden toys, iron boxes without volume or a combination of both of the two materials, Lamp on the door, well ... thisis my first favorite, yellow or red with a variety of forms as follows
(1) Like strawberries, (2) Like antena characters in the movie CJ7, (3) Like wafer because the rectangle and like the short edge shape of GEU20C Indonesia
5. Intercom telephone, With the phone number filled automatically train train train and road crossing there after
6. Bells as an early warning that from the station after it has run directly or depart, som're physical or electronic
7. Service desk
charger (left side) and the opening button-close the door in the form of light switch in our home like so, like gas stove button or separate circle (red: close, green: open), equipped with small siren lights and brake buttons to stop the door speed when there are still riders who want to pass, the thing I love about this infrastructure is the very diverse sound characteristics (if the ni-nu-ni-nu) sometimesfast tempo but soft-spoken or slow-loud or voiceless vice versa, for more details please visit Youtube Basman Hardajaya