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  by CleanCab_108
Have been listening to the IND Channel (161.565 127.3 - PL) and noticed that the only subway ops I am hearing is the "A" Train. Is that the only train operating on that channel or am I not hearing the other trains? Thank you in advance....
  by Kamen Rider
Listen to what they are saying and you'd most likely find you're listening to a tiny section of the A line. It means you're only in range of that section.
  by Allan
I agree with Kamen Rider.

You are most likely hearing only the section that is outdoors (in Brooklyn & Queens). That is the area "closest" to you in terms of radio signals.

I am in the N.E. Bronx (and 23 stories up), when I hear the A train, that is the only section I hear as well.
  by CleanCab_108
Thanks for help... What other trains should I be hearing on this channel. Its weird that this is the only train I am hearing. I normally get them saying Train Number from 207 (which is where train started 207 st in Bronx) then to their location they are going, Lefferts Blvd, Rockway Park, etc. Just weird this is the only line I am hearing. Thank you again
  by Kamen Rider
207th is in Manhattan...

But every other section of the IND save the Gowanus viaduct is below ground (and withe the center tracks out, no need for them to broadcast anything outside of an ermergecy), with the radio signals traped in the tunnels (look up the name Fariday). Once the F goes onto the culver El, it switches to B1.
  by Allan
The same applies to the B and D trains. Once they leave Grand Street heading to Brooklyn they switch from B2 (IND) to the B1 (BMT) frequency and they stay on that all the way down to Coney Island (outdoors on the Mnahattan Bridge and then again after Prospect Park (B) and at 9th Av (D).

That leaves the A train in the southern Brooklyn/Queens section as the only IND line that is outdoors.
  by CleanCab_108
Thank you for all the information, starting to make sense. If you guys can think of some of the other trains that are outside and list them and frequency they are on, that would be awesome.

Thank you again
  by Allan
These may be out of range for you as they are north of where the A train is in the Rockaways.

J, M and Z trains from north of Essex St (Manhattan) 161.505 (BMT/B1 division)

7 train in Queens 161.505 (the 7 may be IRT but it uses the BMT frequency)

1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 (and control center) in the Bronx 161.190 (IRT/A division)

3 train in Brooklyn (south of Utica Av)

http://www.panix.com/~clay/scanning/fre ... ycta.shtml

http://www.panix.com/~clay/scanning/fre ... city.shtml
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