• Illinois Division symbols

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by delvalrailfan
111 Kansas City MO-Danville KY
112 Chattanooga TN-Kansas City MO (BNSF)
123 Decatur IL-Linwood NC
124 Cincinnati OH-Decatur IL
145 Bellevue OH-Kansas City MO
146 Decatur IL-Bellevue OH
167 Granite City IL-Danville KY
168 Danville KY-Granite City IL
181 Detroit MI-St. Louis MO
10E Villa Grove IL (UP)-Conway PA UP QNLBV
14E Lafayette IN-Bellevue OH
15E Bellevue OH-Pine Bluff AR (UP) UP MDUPB
15Q Portsmouth OH-Decatur IL
18K Decatur IL-Elkhart IN
19K Elkhart IN-Decatur IL
301 Decatur IL-Madison IL (TRRA)
302 Madison IL (TRRA)-Decatur IL
315 Moberly MO-Kansas City MO
319 East St. Louis IL (A&S)-Louisville KY
375 Bellevue OH-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
398 Kansas City MO-Decatur IL
30N Madison IL (TRRA)-Decatur IL
31N Decatur IL-Madison IL (TRRA)
32Q East St. Louis IL (A&S)-Decatur IL
33J Decatur IL-Kansas City KS (UP)
34N Decatur IL-Conway PA
34Z Decatur IL-Lafayette IN
35N Conway PA-Decatur IL
35Z Lafayette IN-Decatur IL

223 Kansas City MO-Atlanta GA Mon-Sat
224 Atlanta GA-Kansas City MO Fri-Wed
255 Detroit MI-Kansas City MO Roadrailer
256 Kansas City MO-Detroit MI Roadrailer
285 Kansas City MO-Jacksonville FL (FEC)
20A St. Louis MO-Harrisburg PA Fri
20T Kansas City MO-Harrisburg PA
21A Harrisburg PA-St. Louis MO Tue, Thu, Sat
21T Harrisburg PA-Kansas City MO

120 Kansas City MO-Detroit MI
121 Sterling Heights MI-Decatur IL
122 Kansas City MO-Detroit MI
171 Sterling Heights MI-Villa Grove IL (UP) UP ADESPJ
239 Georgetown KY-Kansas City MO (UP)
272 Kansas City MO-Walkertown NC
276 Jacksonville FL-Princeton IN
297 Decatur IL-Kansas City MO (UP)
27M Kansas City MO-Wentzville MO
28G Kansas City MO-Georgetown KY As Needed
28M Kansas City MO As Needed
29M Kansas City MO-Roanoke IN

D01 Decatur IL-Griggsville IL
D02 Moberly MO-Norborne MO
D07 Moberly MO-Missouri City MO
D09 Decatur IL-Carlock IL
D10 Huntingburg IN-Corydon Jct IN
D11 Princeton IN-Huntingburg IN
D12 Decatur IL-Carlock IL
D13 Huntingburg IN-Rockport IN
D14 Huntingburg IN-Booneville IN
D15 Huntingburg IN-Rockport IN
D16 Moberly MO-Wentzville MO
D17 Decatur IL-Gibson City IL
D19 Moberly MO-Wakenda MO
D20 Moberly MO-Wentzville MO
D21 Decatur IL-Gibson City IL
D23 Bluffs IL-Hannibal MO
D24 Decatur IL-Poag Jct IL
D26 Mexico MO-Clark MO
D27 Decatur IL-Mt. Olive IL
D28 Warrick IN-Boonville IN
D29 Warrick IN-Evansville IN
D30 Decatur IL-Peru IN
D32 Decatur IL-Peoria IL
D35 Decatur IL-State Line City IN
D36 Normal IL-Decatur IL
D37 Decatur IL-Springfield IL
D38 Decatur IL-State Line City IN
D41 Decatur IL-Gibson City IL
D42 Frankfort IN-Lafayette IN
D43 Frankfort IN-Lafayette IN
D44 Frankfort IN-Lafayette IN
D45 Frankfort IN-Lafayette IN
D47 Normal IL-Peoria IL
D48 Frankfort IN-Lafayette IN
D49 Normal IL-Peoria IL
D51 Princeton IN-Albion IL
D53 St. Louis MO-Wentzville MO
D59 Peru IN-Decatur IL
D61 Peru IN-Frankfort IN
D63 Frankfort IN-Decatur IL
D64 Decatur IL-Frankfort IN
D67 St. Louis MO-Wentzville MO
D68 Princeton IN-Centralia IL
D70 Kansas City MO-Kansas City KS (BNSF)
D72 Kansas City MO-Kansas City KS (BNSF)
D76 Centralia IL-Wayne City IL
D77 Tilton IL-Danville IL
D78 Tilton IL-Danville IL
D79 Decatur IL-Oakwood MO
D81 Birmingham MO-Randolph MO
D84 Birmingham MO-Kansas City MO
D85 Birmingham MO-Kansas City MO
D86 Birmingham MO-Kansas City MO
D87 Birmingham MO-Kansas City MO
D90 Louisville KY-Duncan IN Helpers
D91 Tilton IL-Tolono IL
D93 Lafayette IN-Logansport IN
D94 Louisville KY-Duncan IN Helpers
D95 Lafayette IN-Crawfordsville IN
D96 Lafayette IN-Crawfordsville IN
D97 Louisville KY-Duncan IN Helpers
D99 Wentzville MO-Madison IL (TRRA)