• If NS/CSX Rebuilt Harrisburg to Elmira Branch

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by mkolesar
I am developing a theme for a model railroad which involves the D&H and The NYS&W.

These railroads would serve somewhat the capacity they previously had, as in the case of the D&H, and currently have, (loosely) as in the case of the NYS&W. I am thinking about the NYS&W being under control of CSX and D&H being under control of NS. The NYS&W would serve to move CSX traffic from Boston coming off the former NYC main at Syracuse and move it south, and the D&H would serve to move NS traffic to Boston coming off the former EL main at Binghamton and move it north.

In studying the areas of operation it occurred to me that if the ex-PRR branch from Williamsport to Elmira were rebuilt then NS trains traveling north on the Shenandoah sub could proceed from Harrisburg to Williamsport to Elmira to Binghamton to Syracuse then on to Boston, bypassing the Sunbury to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to Binghamton route. Likewise, CSX could head south from Syracuse to Binghamton then onto Elmira to Williamsport to Harrisburg then onto the Hagerstown Sub.

My question to readers of the forum , whose opinions I value. are:

1) would this be plausible
2) would there be enough traffic on the North-South/South-North corridor.

I imagined variations involving the rebuilding of the LV branch from Cortland to Freeville to Owego as a shorter route or even Owego to Freeville to Cortland to Cananosta as a possibility, but I was attempting to make it "possible" even from a modeling perspecttive. I hate to bypass the Wilkes-Barre area (being a former resident) but I figure CP could still hold that end up. Again, this is just a model so anything is possible but I am intrigued by this "what-if" scenario and I welcome your thoughts.

Thank you.
  by poppyl
A more "plausible" scenario would be to restore/ upgrade the NYC's Fallbrook division from Gang Mills to Jersey Shore. The grades are better and the interconnects at Gang Mills and Lyons are more efficient.

  by Champlain Division
Model Railroading Rule #1: It's your model railroad! Anything can be plausible if you say it is and build it accordingly.
  by lakeshoredave
its your railroad, so make it as interesting as possible. can't wait to see the final product. have fun and be creative with it.