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  by kitchin
I saw a few of these old buzzies on flatbeds in the NS Lamberts Point yard in Norfolk, VA. I also saw some fresh Camrail cars, likely on their way to Cameroon from G.E.'s plant in Erie, PA.
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  by Allen Hazen
Yes, almost certainly a GE export locomotive. Just what or for who I can't say: GE has used carbodies like this for a number of export types. (Including a fleet of locomotives for Egypt, and also -- obviously not this one! -- for the locomotives built in Kazakhstan.). Some of them have the innards of AC44 or Evolution types.
(It's clearly not when I look closely, but for a moment it reminded me of the carbody used on British Rail's electric locomotives of the 1960s and 1970s: paint it dark blue with yellow ends and it would look like a Class 86!)
  by ConstanceR46
We're looking at a TE33A bound for Ukraine- basically a GEVO for the Ex-Soviet market. The headlights are a positive indication; and only Ukraine's engines are currently being shipped blank