Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by railfaned
Looks like the KO yard. Looks like the Wye on the left.
Steve - I will second Ed with the Ronkonkoma location looking eastward.
The yard building for train and maintenance crews is just off to the left out of the picture...

What I question is the date 1954 - this looks older remembering the position light station signals that were
at the same location - it all depends when the pictured semaphores were replaced. The passenger cars in
the background look like ping-pong types along with a few freight cars - and no visible locomotives...
  by RGlueck
Weren't the semaphores beautiful?
Steve - Good second photo of the twin semaphore signals at the Ronkonkoma Yard...
The Emery Map of Ronkonkoma mentions September 1929 new to 1955 when they were replaced
with two position light signals facing east and west - the KO station signals...answering the question
of how long these semaphores were used - about 26 years at this location...The position light signals
installed in 1955 were used until 1986-87 when the yard area made way for the relocated Ronkonkoma
Station to be built for the Hicksville-Ronkonkoma Electrification...MACTRAXX
  by nyandw
Ronkonkoma yard 9/17/1966 (Smith-Morrison) The position light signals installed in 1955 were used until 1986-87

To go back a bit in history: Note the Semaphores in this 1938 photo are marked "KO" unlike the 1954 photos.
  by 452 Card
E6s #230 complete with PRR pilot cover and Pennsy tender. 1/2 of the famed 460!