Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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Steve: The location is in Glen Cove on the Oyster Bay Branch.
The direction is northeastward with Glen Street Station in the background.
In 1978 that LIRR MP15 was just one year old and the BAR boxcar stands out with the good color scheme.
  by krispy
Station in the distance is Glen Street, this is taken from either the Murray Dog park or the property on the side of Pratt Ave. Way overgrown now with trees
  by nyandw
This location from Emery's map ex-GE Cabin location (approx)

More action on this freight move (possibly). BAR 50' boxcar with defective wheel dot at Glen Cove prior to 12/1978
  by Bad Luck
The second shot with the BAR boxcar was taken at Sea Cliff, with the E15 on the team track.
  by 4behind2
The was a paper company (name escapes me other images didn't come through) that had a decent amount of cars offloaded at Sea Cliff Team Track, at least until 1980. For the westbound move, the empties were "bled off" and rolled onto the hack which had already been bled off. The train was shoved to Locust where the reverse move was made to get back to Holban/Hillside Yard.