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General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by Flat-Wheeler
RailBus63 wrote:I used to work in a warehouse next to the Guilford main line in the Fitchburg MA area - most passing trains produced little more than noise, but a loaded coal train would shake the entire building. A co-worker who lived next to the main in the next town over claimed that the vibrations from passing trains would cause the occasional picture to fall off the wall in his house, but I have no idea if that was B.S. or not.
No, not B.S.... It is very possible to experience earth tremors in the proximity of a passing train. Some places the soil or underground rock formation propagates the initial vibration resulting in shaky walls and pictures popping off.

scarnhorst wrote:When take my wife home to see here parents in Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine. I was advised to drink Red Wine at leased once if not twice a day once every morning and again before going to bed.
Yeah, well, that's coming from a land so careless with nuclear operations and handling, they allowed Chernobyl to occur. What a joke !
You won't find construction or operations even remotely comparable between American plants and Ukrainian/Russian plants. Back to the topic.
  by Engineer Spike
If you really want to live along a busy main, I'll sell you my house. It is much quieter since they put in CWR, even though they left a set of joints right out back. The change from 4 unit consists of SD40s to new GEs quieted it even more.
  by MP366
FWIW there is a house by the tracks available in Brighton(east side of Rottenchester)if anybody's looking for a decent house by the tracks...I in no way am representing or profiting from this, I just happened to notice the sign out in front of the house on my way to other things...

Here's a link:

http://markmackey.rochestersagent.com/p ... ochesterNY