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  by TrainMaster1
Hello all:

I am going to be a dispatcher on a MSTS (microsoft train sim) session on the D&H from Oneonta to Mechanicville on 11/6. We will be running a day in the D&H from 1968 and/or 1972 (November).

I need your help with the following:

1) Train symbols that ran on this section of the railroad (including Cooperstown and Altamont lines).
2) Which dispatcher(s) desks covered this territory.
3) If you have consist info from actual trains that ran even better.
4) Copy of the form D&H used for track authority at the time.

This session will be live on the internet on 11/6 and we will have engineers from the US, Canada and Europe working on the D&H for a day. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to know more about running a train that day or just listening in live to the action let me know that as well and I will gladly assist you.


Nick C.
  by Benjamin Maggi
How did it go?
  by Bob Sandusky
Sorry I missed this posting when it first came out or I would have broken out the books and supplied what I could have.

My real question is how did you manage to do it over the internet?

  by TrainMaster1
Sorry to appear to be a hit and run poster. That was not my intent. This session and hundreds of others have been quite successful. We continue to develop full operating sessions for many railroads from 1960 to modern day now. We hope to expand this to 1940 to modern soon.

Most sessions I can call directly on employees of railroads so do not need to post here. The D&H and now L&HR are different cases as our library of facts is not extensive enough for our needs.

To answer the question on the D&H session--this one was run in 1972 right after Agnes came through. No signals, all form 19s which we got from one of the DS who was actually one the railroad at that time. Session was very successful and we have run others including up into the CP era of today.

Since we need to find routes for the majority of sessions that have a great deal of traffic, The D&H and L&HR and roads like them are added to the calendar as special sessions since the slots for crews and other personnel are much smaller.