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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by Hamjerms
I just started liking trains not too long ago, and I love watching them go by, especially the newer ones. I'm not really old or anything, but I would appreciate any help, thanks.

  by Joe
Hi! Welcome to the world of trains!

1. What kind of help do you want?
2. What state is Farmingdale in? (Don't worry, we won't stalk you.)

OK. Don't go doing anything foolish near railroad tracks, for one thing. Watch out for the police if you plan on taking pictures. And HAVE FUN!
  by Komachi

Nice bit of philosophy there in your signature, made my day (bad day at work today...) :D

I, too, shall welcome you to our little corner of the virtual world. I hope you enjoy your time here. There are many here who are willing to help answer your questions. So sit back, browse the forums and contribute wherever and whenever you wish.

  by TerryC
Also when watching trains wear earmuffs if necessary. You might look like a fool, but at least you will have you hearing.

Keep asking keep learning

  by Railpac
In my own opinion railfanning is a great hobby, you will meet a ton of great people, not only online, but on your adventures as well. I'm sure you will make many new friends too. And, it all just goes to show, we're not wierd, just "interesting" :wink: :D .

  by walt
And watch out---- you'll get hooked! :D
  by shortlinerailroader
It's always nice to see someone acquire an interest in the awsome world of railroads. I am 27 and have been infatuated with trains for 25 years. As my screen name implies, I work for a shortline RR and I enjoy my job. Of course there are easy and hard days, but all in all I like it.

Be VERY careful around railroad tracks. My own rule is that I stay off the right of way. If you visit a yard, it is best to go to the office and ask permission to watch/photograph trains. By and large, railroaders are a cordial group of people and if you extend common courtesy, it will be reciprocated. On a few occasions I spent longer visiting with the men inside the office than actually watching trains.

  by fglk
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  by Otto Vondrak
Now you scared him off! Hehehe

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