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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by Conrad Misek
Hi Folks: Recently while in Penna, on I-80 eastbound perhaps between Milton and Berwick, I noticed what appeared to be a former Reading Blueliner. It was in a yard, on the north side of the road, along with some other equipment. Unfortunately the light was bad and I had no time to stop for any pix, though Id enjoy doing so on my upcoming vacation. My notes are skethcy from that day, can anyone give any better info regarding location? I believe the coach was right near an exit.

Conrad Misek
Quincy MA

  by joshuahouse
Were you on 80 or 180 when you were around Milton? I seem to recall a place with a car like you discribe one time on 180 going north around the loop to get to Williamsport, several years ago now.

Edit, I think in Muncy.

  by JJJeffries
Those cars you saw are at the Danville exit on I-80w. I wish I could offer you more information. I am sure someone will come through for you.


  by joshuahouse
JJJ, can you speculate on what I may have seen then?

  by JJJeffries
I emailed a friend in Danville and hope to have an answer for you, hopefully soon.


PS: I used to be a radio DJ in Boston in the late 1960s to 1978. I try and
visit Gloucester every September and indulge in great local seafood.

  by msernak
I saw the Blueliner a few moths ago as well. I believe it was near Muncy. I was on my way to Chicago and also saw a miniature rail line in someone's yard near in Ohio.
  by Conrad Misek
Thanks for the intel, I believe it was indeed I-80. Looking forward to a return to the keystone state!

  by LV270
Danville Exit 224 I-80, Cars are from the Ex-CNJ Wilkes Barre station complex. used as hotel rooms . along with some old FGE boxcars.

  by joshuahouse
I saw them on wed coming back from allentown, is this place really still open, it looked rather run down.