Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by 25Hz
Martin Baumann wrote:Full service on all PATH lines including weekends resumed March 1st
Any repair/damage videos or photos yet? All i have is 2 tv screen shots of the river inside the elevator headhouse.
  by CLamb
Where were the cars kept during the storm so that they didn't get water damage? Were they kept where they are normally stored or were they moved to avoid flooding?
  by 25Hz
Well, they likely stored them all the way from Newark to just after Harrison, as that is all elevated, then probably some more in the river tunnels & shut the flood doors, and likely up on the other lift bridge and its approaches, and more just outside the portal east of jsq and maybe a bit east of thr bridge where there are severed grade crossings. They have/had a lot of options. They installed those damn flood doors just in time, otherwise the damage would likely have been far worse, especially with the slope & depth of the downtown two tubes.
  by 25Hz
So i'm curious as to what PATH has in mind to protect the tubes, stations, street level access points, vent shafts, and vulnerable spots like where it runs right next to the passaic river? Few years back they suspended service during a noreaster because the river came up over the tracks near the waterfront connection's red steel bridge (there was a line of debris where the water had come up to)....