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  by humpyard
Hello to all,

I am a German rail enthusiast specially interested in hump classification yards of the world. I am the operator of an international multilingual (English, German, French, Italian) YAHOO group about this subject:


I invite all members of this forum to visit and eventually to join my group for sharing informations about hump yards in the whole world.

In the linklist of my group you will find more then 1.000 links to sites about hump yards and also some flat-shunted freight yards in the whole world; also in countries of which these informations are hard to get like Romania, Ucraine, Russia, China, India and even Iran or North Korea. The links contain photos, orthophotos, maps, track diagrams and descriptions of yards. All links are sorted alphabetically by countries following by the locations (alphabetically sorted by railroad complexes), but please observe that, because it is an international group, there are used the official endonyme instead of English spellings, thus e. g. Spain is to be found under "España"; what concerns the USA you must scroll down to "U" and you will find there lots of stuff, but sorted ONLY by location and not by company due to ownership changements and to the fact that non-US readers may be not confident with the American railroad companies.

Further there I want to post a table with data about the hump yards of the whole world into the group's database (German: Datenbank) which due to technical reasons is only disponible for group members. Actually the database contains these folders:
I. Generalia: Legend, 34-language related dictionary, international related bibliography;
II. Benelux, Alpine and South European countries;
III. France;
IV. Germany;
V. East Europe. (To read with the character set ISO-8859-2 LATIN-2 "Central/East Europe").

Worldwide completion is planned. But for doing this it I need still many informations.

Who can give me please any of the following informations?

I. Locations and further details about the hump yards in:
Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaidzan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Near and Middle East: Iran etc., Pakistan, India, China, Corea N + S, other Asian countries, Australia, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, other African countries, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, other Iberoamerican countries.

II. Who knows whether there are any hump yards in any of the following countries? If yes, who knows the locations and further details?
Turkmenistan, Tadzikistan, Kirgisistan, Syria, Iraq, Bangla Desh, Mongolia, Myanmar (ex Birma), Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sudan, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo DR (others then Kinshasa-Triage), Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Cuba, BRASILIA!!, all other South American countries.

III. Who knows whether there are hump yards in the following cities and, if yes, where are they, and who knows further details?
Knin, Baia Mare, Resita (Combinatul Siderurgic), Turku, Baghdad, Al-Basra, Orsa, Mohil'ev, Zlobin', Hrebenka, Ar'hangel'sk, Vorkuta, Cerepovec, V'azma, Kaluga, Su'hinici, Tula, Or'ol', Kursk, Elec, Starij Oskol', Kastorno'e, Voronez/Otrozka, Lipeck/Gr'azi, Liski, Armavir', Kastornaja, Kavkazka'a/Kropotkin', Groznij, Balasov, Povorino, Atkarsk, Petrov Bal', Sennaia, Balakovo, Pugacevsk, Ul'anovsk, Sarepta, Gur'ev (Atyrau), Makat, Druzikino, Cusovoj, Egorsino, Bogdanovic', Kamensk-Ural'skij, Abakan', Petropavlovsk, Cimkent, Dzambul', Czardzou, Aschabad, Samarkand, Alma-Ata (Almaty), Ukladoc'nij, Taiga/Tomsk, Artysta, Belovo, Ceremcovo, Cita, Karymskaja, Ulan-Ude, Bratsk, Tynda, Faisalabad, Khanewal, Tundla/Agra, Allahabad, Patna, Jabalpur, Mumbai!, Pune, Guntakal, Hydarabad, Bangalore, Cuttack/Paradwip, Jamshedpur (Tatanagar or Adityarpur?), Haura/Kolkata!, Dhaka, Ma'anshan, Panzhihua/Dadukou, Kim'chaek, Wonsan, Söul, Taejon, Taegu, Adelaide, Wahran (Oran), Tanta, Benha, Bur Said (Port Said), Al-Izmailiah, As-Suways (Suez), Nairobi, Tenke, Lubumbashi, Witbank, Newcastle, De Aar, Port Elizabeth, East London, Vancouver, Sudbury, Capreol, El Paso, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Coaztacoalcos.

IV. Who can give me any informations about the following hump yards?
Entroncamento, Thessaloniki-Dialogis, Thriassio Pedio, Alexandroupolis-Dialogis, Nis-ranzirna, Lapovo-ranzirna, Novi Sad ranzirna, Malina? (Combinatul Siderurgic Galati), Kouvola, Imatra T., Tiraspol'-Sort. (exact location?), Homel'-Sort. (exact location?), Baranovici, Char'kiv-Sort., Krasnoarmijsk, Mariupol-Sort., Popasna, Kindrasivka-Novaja, Jasinovataja, Mikitivka, Valuiki, Mineral'e Vodi, T'bilisi-Sort., Masis, Radviliskis, Vaidotai?, Paljemonas, Kartaly II, V'hodnaja, Omsk-Sort., Moskovka, Novokuzneck-Sort., Novokuzneck-Vostocnij, Altajskaja, Irkutsk-Sort., Kandagac, Cu, Aktogaj, Aprine, Pipri, Kalyan, Daund, Juhi, Ernakulam, Erode, Kazipet, Waltair, Jamshedpur/Tatanagar, Bhilai, Bilaspur, Dalian-Jinzhou, Daxing/Weishanzhuang?, Xinfengzhen, Fuyang, Xiangtan, Ürümqi Xi, Tottenham, Gabbari, Oujida, Tunis-Triage, El Hadjar, El-Khroub, Rouiba or Dar-el-Beida (Algiers), Kinshasa-Triage, Mpopona, Changambwe, Hercules, Neebing, Centralia, Bluefield, Proctor, Guadalajara?, Villa Maria.
Any informations concerning eventual closures of any of these yards are welcome.

V. Who knows whether all hump yards in Australia are closed and whether there have ever been any hump yards in Ireland or North Ireland (both today do not have any hump yard)?

If anyone finds any errors in the database any information would be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for all labour, and now have much fun in your yard researches in my group!


Michae KRUMHOLZ, (Münster [Westf.]), Northwest Germany.
  by Marin
Dear Michae KRUMHOLZ,

My name is Marin Marinov. I am a Ph.D student in Railway Operations.
I am Bulgarian! Temporary I am in Portugal working on my Ph.D. thesis.
I am investigating Railway Yards in Both countries Bulgaria and Portugal!
I am trying to find out how do the yards operate and what does precisely hamper the seamless fulfillment of the yard operating processes.

If you are interested in the subject I would be glad to have a causerie with you?


  by humpyard
Hello Marin,

thank you for your reply. I am interested to contact you and I recommend best to do so within my related international YAHOO group. There I am compiling a database (in German: "Datenbank") of all existing and closed hump yards in the world (due to YAHOO's settings only disponible for members) which contains the yard's locations, some technical informations and the yard's actual state to my best knowledge, and additionally a 34-langue related dictionary and a related international essential bibliography. I have already completed the Benelux and Alpine countries, South Europe, France, Germany and East Europe. For East Europe you must read it with the character set ISO-8859-LATIN-2 Central/East Europe. I hope that this year I can add the United Kingdom where at all no longer any hump yard is in operation, and Scandinavia (also in Norway and Denmark all hump yards have been closed). Because this is very much labour I ask you for your comprehension please that it grows only slowly.

What concerns Bulgaria, I have elaborated it from what I have found on Russian general staff maps 1:50.000 (stored in Berlin, Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz, building Potsdamer Straße [street]), satellite images and even in "Zelezop'ten transport" (stored in the Technical University in Hannover, North Germany, where are VERY MUCH railroad magazines in slavic languages); I do not speak Bulgarian or Russian, but I can read cyrillic letters.

In Portugal there is only one hump yard in Entroncamento with the hump at it's southern end, and there are a few small flat-shunted yards.

I ask you please for further informations: how many tracks has the classification bowl of Entroncamento, are there retarders, or is the hump already closed? Can you please complete or correct any data about Bulgarian hump yards in my database?

If you want to know more about any other hump yard elsewhere please have a look into my group, its linklist and when joined as a member, also the database. If you can't find any searched information there please feel free to contact me offline what you can do on my group's site.


Michael (in my first message now I see that I have forgotten the "l"...).
  by Marin
Hallow again,

Soon I am going to visit Entroncamento.

It is an important target of my research.

In any event, I will try to give you the needed information about the yard.

In a minewhile I will glance through your yahoo group. See you there!