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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Jeff Smith
First time I fanned Hopewell Junction it was the mid-80’s or so and although the Maybrook proper westward towards the bridge was gone the Beacon secondary was still active with ConRail. Shame. From a foamer perspective it would be a neat route for Hudson trains into White Plains.
  by expbusop
There was something in Trains Newsletter about the Housatonic RR getting a fairly large grant from Feds of 5.3 million to upgrade trackage on the Maybrook Line to maintain interchange with CSX at Derby. Has anyone else seen this?
  by Jeff Smith
Already discussed:
Jeff Smith wrote: Wed Sep 27, 2023 7:03 am Eastern portion of Maybrook to be rehabbed: PDF link (railroads.dot.gov)
Connecticut – Housatonic Railroad Service Restoration and Safety Investment Project (Up to $5,372,500) Housatonic Railroad Company Inc. (HRRC) The proposed project involves final design and construction activities for various track-related improvements and upgrades to multiple bridges. The project aligns with the selection criteria by improving system and service performance and ability to meet existing and anticipated demand as it will restore a portion of HRRC’s rail line that is out of service and improve approximately 18 miles of rail line to increase freight rail capacity and improve operational safety. Also, the project will help HRRC maintain its connection with Pan Am Southern/CSX Transportation and Metro-North. A combination of funds from HRRC and two customers (Oak Ridge Waste and Interstate and Lakeland Lumber) will provide a 30 percent non-Federal match.
  by Firetiger58
What's the point they havn't interchanged with anyone at Derby junction or gone south of Newtown in years.
P&W Used to use this section until they moved to MNCRs Danbury line
  by Jeff Smith
This is true. But there have been occasional equipment moves, MNRR would LOVE to get P&W's stone train off of WALK bridge and the Danbury branch, and as a backup for WALK should something happen (not a very good backup, mind you).
  by Firetiger58
Maybe HRRC wants to transfer cars at Derby instead of Pittsfield now that the Berkshire line is owned by MASS DOT which intends to run commuter rail traffic on that line.
  by Gilbert B Norman
As I've previously noted here, I'm a bit surprised that the Commonwealth of Tax fixed up the New Haven Pittsfield-Canaan to benefit Becton Dickinson, a Connecticut industry.

Since they seem to be."on a kick" to have a passenger train on every line of consequence in the Commonwealth, I can't dismiss a Pittsfield-Canaan passenger train, even if it is a sure fire loser.
  by BandA
I think MA talked up their plans for passenger service, then had to pay extra to buy track. If they had done the reverse it would have saved money. By spending money on trains in western MA, they got support to spend money on the MBTA in eastern MA. Meanwhile the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum is still embargoed from their home rails by the Housatonic (AFAIK)
  by Jeff Smith
BandA wrote: Mon Dec 04, 2023 5:02 pm <snip> Meanwhile the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum is still embargoed from their home rails by the Housatonic (AFAIK)
Which is ironic as (IIRC) Housatonic’s rebirth was , at least in part, for scenic excursions. Considering the amount MA has sunk into their portion of the line, I would think BSRM would be able to run from Lenox now. AFAIK Housy has no scheduled runs on Saturdays.
  by shepaug
Unfortunately I have little hope for the Housatonic. How many customers ? Lose one or two ? A railroad going through 'suburban' 'residential' type territory and future customers ? Surely any passenger service would be zero profitable. I still have funny feeling giving up the New York connection is the END. The last rail connection for Connecticut to the west and I-95 and slowly I-84 a total parking lot of trucks. No business now but the only part of system that has ability to support any rail customer. (zoning etc.) New Haven/Danbury/NY Any NYC traffic goes via Selkirk-Beacon ? (CSX) (besides NY and Atlantic and ferry) Maybe crazy speculation stuff but ----- Seems like somebody in Connecticut would like to save a rail link westbound.
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