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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Bernard Rudberg
With chilly but clear weather, we accomplished three goals today. We set up additional scaffolding for the building end caps, finished loading the dumpster and installed the first truss on the roof structure. Without a cherry picker or crane, four volunteers managed to get the truss up on the roof with “Armstrong Power”. Each truss weighs about 150 pounds.

A reporter from the Poughkeepsie Journal was on site in the morning taking notes and interviewing. In the afternoon a Poughkeepsie Journal photographer came and climbed the ladders shooting for an article which is supposed to be in Tuesday’s paper. We will be looking for it.

Weather permitting, the next work session will be on Saturday, 1-8-2011 starting around 8:30 AM. If plans hold out for the cherry picker, we hope to get the rest of the trusses up by Saturday afternoon. For this effort we will need some volunteers with construction experience for the roof work and other volunteers for the ground crew. Come on down and join the fun.

Donations are slowly coming in for the roof materials.
So far we are managing to cover the bills but there will be more needed to finish the roof work.

For those of you who can’t help with the construction work, you can help by “sponsoring” the project.
We are asking for sponsorships as follows:

Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp.

P. O. Box 1044

Hopewell Junction

New York, 12533-1044


Help Save the Hopewell Depot

President: With the cold weather nipping at our heels and 2010 coming to a

Bernard L. Rudberg Retired from IBM close, so is Phase I of the Hopewell Depot Restoration’s effort to

restore the RR Depot located at the south end of the Dutchess

Vice President: Rail Trail. Phase I consisted of replacing damaged sections of the

Richard M. Taylor Retired Contractor frame work of the building built in 1873. We have replaced the

floor & rim joist, sections of exterior & interior walls and to

Secretary: complete Phase I, we need to replace the complete roof structure

Jacqueline Prusak Retired Teacher due to the damage from a fire by vandals in 1986. This final step in this

restoration project has become the most challenging as to cost and

Treasure: volunteer help. We are challenging the public, businesses and

B.L. Rudberg (temp.) municipalities to get involved with saving the last historic building

that paints the history of Hopewell Junction and the development

of the railroad industry.

Our goal is to raise $118,000.00 to complete restoration and furnishing of the Depot and open it to the public in August 2012. We feel this building will become a hub for rail trail users and history buffs and will benefit the surrounding community just as the Walkway Over the Hudson did for Poughkeepsie.

If you are interested in preserving history for future generations, we encourage you to make a generous donation or sponsor a section of the Depot to help save this valuable piece of Americana.

Those that give $500 or more will have their names engraved on a plaque in gathering room

Station Master 1 @ $50,000 ( will receive free life membership, framed engraved slate of Depot, RR Book by Bernie Rudberg) $50,000

Conductor 4 @ $10,000 (will receive engraved slate of Depot and RR book by Bernie Rudberg) $40,000

Train Engineer 4 @$5,000 (will receive RR book by Bernie Rudberg) $20,000

Fireman 6 @$1,000 $6,000

Brakeman 4 @ $500 $2,000

Fundraising goal $118,000

Urgent Needs: Sponsors

Roof work only Windows (12) _____________________________

$100.00 buys one roof truss. 22 trusses $2,200.00 Doors (6) _____________________________

$20.00 buys one sheet of plywood 66 sheets $1,320.00 Mill Work: _____________________________

$72.00 buys one square of shingles 21sq. $1,512.00 Insulation (ceiling)

$10.00 buys one roll 30# roofing felt paper 15 rolls $150.00 Insulation (walls/floor) __________________________

Misc. nails, dimension lumber & pine fascia $450.00 Hardwood flooring: ____________________________

Total $5,632.00 Electric wiring : _____________________________

Lighting: ______________________________

Please send all donations to above address in care of Bernie Rudberg. Paint (Int.& Ext.) Benjamin Moore

A brief history of the Depot: Built in 1873,it has been relocated twice and has remained in the same location since 1910, the Depot was closed in 1974 after the fire on the Poughkeepsie RR Bridge, The tracks were torn up in 1983. The Depot was set on fire by vandals in 1986 which caused considerable damage to the roof structure and some interior walls. In 1996, Rich Taylor challenged a small group of RR buffs and concerned citizens to come together and save the Depot for future generations. Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp. is an all volunteer tax exempt group under sections 501 (C) (03) of the Internal Revenue Code. Thank you for all your support and generous donations which are greatly appreciated.

Bernie Rudberg President Hopewell Depot Restoration Inc.
  by Bernard Rudberg
[email protected] has sent you an article from http://www.preservationnation.org.
Page title: Volunteers Help 1873 Depot

Link to full page: http://www.preservationnation.org/magaz ... depot.html


Once slated for demolition, the Hopewell Depot in upstate New York is on its way to reopening as a visitors center for a rail trail.
  by Bernard Rudberg
We had some sunshine for today’s work session and 8 volunteers showed up with one coming all the way from Seattle Washington. The usual Dunkin Donuts and coffee run kept things warmed up.

The major objective for the day was to clean out as much snow and ice as possible from inside the building and then “straighten up the inside”. Some of the salvaged lumber was moved into the basement area and the bigger sections were loaded onto a trailer to be stored in Rich Taylor’s barn until we need them. By the end of the day you could actually walk around inside without tripping over piles of lumber. We now have room to work.

Our next session is planned for Saturday, 5 February unless the weather turns really bad. We usually start about 8:30 in the morning. Even with a little snow outside we can still work inside. The project for next Saturday will be to finish cleaning out any remaining ice and snow and then rebuild the basement steps.

Come on down and join the fun.
  by Bernard Rudberg
I have heard that some people have had a problem trying to open the Facebook link I sent before. Most people did not have any problem.

Anyway, here is a shorter link that may work for the rest of you. Give it a try.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hopewell- ... 2071793718

By the way, our next work session at the Hopewell Depot Restoration will be this coming Saturday,5 February starting around 8:30 AM. We plan to work inside even if there is snow outside. One project will be to rebuild the basement steps. Another project will be to take down some of the old false ceiling sections.

That will be a dusty job. Bring your facemask and goggles.

Bernie Rudberg
  by Bernard Rudberg
This morning when we started it was snowing which turned to drizzly, cold rain by noon. The weather did not interfere with depot inside work. Today’s work force was a total of eleven volunteers.

The main project for today was doors. The depot now has four working doors instead of plywood over the openings. In addition there were a number of “hurricane clips” added to the roof structure.

The noisiest part of today’s work was chopping and shoveling out a layer of ice from the floor. The plywood floor sounded like a big drum. The depot was really “rockin and rollin” for a while today. It sounded more like a performance of the Japanese Mountain Drums in Disneyworld.

The next work session is planned for Saturday, 12 February, 2011. Most likely we will be working inside the depot again. There is plenty of interior work waiting to be done.

Come on down and join the fun.
  by Bernard Rudberg
The weather was cold but otherwise just fine for working inside the depot on Saturday 2-12-2011. As the day warmed up outside, it seemed to be colder in the building. Several damaged plywood floor sheets were replaced and many of the original trim strips were salvaged from the old false ceiling. We also started on the job of salvaging the door and window trim strips. There is now a new trap door over the opening into the basement steps.

The weather forecast for this coming week looks good, sunny and warmer. We plan to have two work sessions this week, Thursday 2-17 and Saturday 2-19. The plan for Thursday is to build new basement steps and continue salvaging trim around windows and doors.

The Saturday work will be to take down the remaining sections of the old false ceiling. This will be a dusty, dirty job so any volunteers will need goggles and dust masks in addition to hard hats.

The last photo in the sequence is the usual coffee break but this time we had home made cupcakes in honor of Rich Taylor’s birthday.

Come on down and join the fun.
  by Bernard Rudberg
Due to a short “vacation” in Vassar Hospital, I missed all the fun at the depot this past weekend. A dozen volunteers took advantage of the good weather to do some more roof work and also work on the interior projects. They were all supplied with coffee and munchies.

1. Roof is completely covered with 30# felt paper and gable jerkheads are covered w/ tarps.
2. Removed ceiling planking in south room and loaded onto trailer for storage.
3. Removed ceiling joists in south room and loaded onto trailer.
4. Removed many buckets of dirt at bottom of stairway and dumped outside.
5. Installed new basement stairs
6. Installed hinges on basement trap door
7. Removed all window and door trim, marked and packaged for each window
8. Started removing bead board on walls in north room

The next work session will be on Saturday, 26 Feb. starting about 8:30 AM.
There is still a lot of interior work to be done.

Come on down and join the fun.
  by Bernard Rudberg
Saturday 2/26/11 was another good day of work on the depot. Mike Thomas ran the show while Rich Taylor is in Florida on vacation. The remaining bead board was removed from
the North room exterior walls. Some exterior siding was replaced on
the North wall. The Eastern bay window bump-outs were plywooded.
Scaffolding/staging was set up in preparation for ceiling work.

The next work session will be Saturday 3/5/11 starting around 8:30 AM.Saturday 3-5-11 agenda:
8:30 am start
1:00 pm stop (I have a family event in the afternoon).
* The primary goal will be to run the 2x6 ceiling joists in the North room.
* A section of the West wall in the North room requires repair/framing.
* Bill will lead work on reclaiming the bead board that is removed.

Come on down and join the fun.
  by Bernard Rudberg
Saturday 3-5-2011 was a shortened work session but we accomplished
a few things anyway. The laser level was used to shoot the
10'-6" ceiling line around the North room. The remaining bead board
was cut and removed above that height. The joist ledger was then
applied to the North and South walls. Eight 20' 2x6 joists had ends
squared and crowns marked but *not* yet cut to length and installed.

Bill led some volunteers in more clean-up in the South room in
preparation to use the space for scraping and priming/painting. He
has indicated that he would be going to Williams to get some primer
(and paint?) to test on our reclaimed and new bead board. It sounds
like he is ready to put some volunteers to work priming the new bead
board when it arrives.

The next work session will be Saturday 3-12 2011 starting about 8:30 AM.

Come on down and join the fun.

For those of you who can’t help with the construction work, you can help by sponsoring the project.
We are asking for sponsorships as follows:

Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp.

P. O. Box 1044

Hopewell Junction

New York, 12533-1044


Help Save the Hopewell Depot
  by Bernard Rudberg
We actually had some sunshine on Saturday 3/12. The weather was chilly and breezy but the depot work went well.
Hot coffee goes good on a chilly day.

What we did today,
1. Installed ceiling joists in north room with strong back and tied to truss rafter.
2. Removed remaining bead board from walls in south room.
3. Worked on studding over bump outs.
4. Moved bead board from south room to horses out side under eaves.
5. install blocking along bottom of walls in north room.
6. Moved buckets of iron parts and window weights into basement.
7. Raked yard around depot into 4 piles to be picked up next Saturday.

Next Saturday we will install ceiling joists in south room and middle room, continue installing cats where needed. If weather is nice, we may start working on south gable roof. Bill will start cleaning the old bead board. New bead board will be delivered in the morning and stacked in north room.

The next work session will be Saturday 3/19/2011 starting about 8:30 AM
  by Bernard Rudberg
Weather on Saturday was nice enough so that some of the work could be done outside in the sun.

Bead board for the interior was delivered and stacked. Window and door trim work continued.
There is till work to be done on the roof ends. Some of our intrepid volunteers came back to
do more work on Sunday.

The next work session will be Saturday 2-26-2011. Stop around and see for yourself how things are going.

Of course we are still in need of funds to continue the restoration. Send your donations to:

Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp.

P. O. Box 1044

Hopewell Junction

New York, 12533-1044

  by Bernard Rudberg
Thursday, April 14, 2011
7:15 p.m.
East Fishkill Community Center
Rte. 82, Hopewell Junction
(across from McHoul’s Funeral Home)
Agenda will include:
Update on renovations
Update on financial status
Election of officers
For office of:
President – Rich Taylor
Vice President – Mike Thomas
Treasurer – Jackie Prusak
Secretary – Celeste Rudberg
Appointment of Bernie Rudberg as “Historian Emeritus”

If you have not renewed your membership within the past year, you will have an opportunity to do so at the meeting.
  by Bernard Rudberg
Saturday 3-26-was a chilly morning with a cold breeze but sunny.
We had 13 volunteers there. Finished the ceiling joists, Worked the South gable end roof.
Installed some plywood on gable end so we could complete drying in with felt paper.
Cut 110 pieces of bead board for interior walls and west side soffit. Cleaned up & vacuumed south end room.
Scraped & cleaned up half the pile of old bead board. Removed the pile of old metal by parking lot.

The next work sessions will be on Wednesday 3-30 and Saturday 4-2.

Of course we are still in need of funds to continue the restoration. Send your donations to:

Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp.

P. O. Box 1044

Hopewell Junction

New York, 12533-1044

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