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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Bernard Rudberg
12/7/2011 On a cold and rainy Wednesday we worked inside the depot. Dick measured the stove base for some repair work while Rich worked on the west door latch. Meanwhile Laura, Mike and Andy put a new ceiling in the ticket office.

Since the County removed the porta-johns from the Rail Trail we have arranged for a depot porta-john donated by Herring sanitation.

The next work sessions will continue the inside work on Saturday 12/10 and Wednesday 12/14.

If you have any good fund raising ideas let us know. We need funding to continue the restoration.
  by Bernard Rudberg
As president of the Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp. I want to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported the saving and restoration of the Depot by volunteering, sponsoring materials, sponsoring benches & windows, and your generous monetary donations. With the help of many dedicated volunteers, we have come a long way since Dec. 2010 when the County wanted to tear the Depot down. My anticipation is to open the Visitor’s Center portion of the Depot by April 1st 2012. With your continued support I fully believe this can happen.

Attached, are our next three months work schedule and material needs to help make this happen.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Rich Taylor, President of Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp.


Work schedule for next 3 months to opening of the Visitor’s Center for the Depot

1. Relocate coffee table & etc. to south west corner of museum room.

2. Finish planking and scraping interior wall and hang interior door.

3. Clean out room completely and remove most of the sub flooring.

4. Level out and rake dirt in crawl space as best can.

5. Jack up rim joist a ¼ “ by one post on west wall and install wood wedge.

6. Install 2” foam board to rim joist to 3 outside walls and cover dirt with 6 mil plastic vapor barrier.

7. Re-install all plywood sub flooring using construction adhesive and gal. nails.

8. Install 1x4 flooring over red resin paper- biscuit joint all butt ends.

9. Sand floor with drum sander and seal with 3 coats of gym seal satin finish.

10. Cover flooring with resin paper and tape all joints and edges.

11. Blow in foam insulation 3 outside walls by others.

12. Install 1x6 bead board to 3 outside walls.

13. Install all ceiling, window & door and base trim.

14. Paint all ceiling, walls and trim 2 coats.

15. Install all lighting, switches outlets and heating & cooling system.

16. Set up Visitor’s Center and open to public with grand opening ceremony.

Items we need sponsored to opening the Visitor’s Center

1. Foam insulation for outside walls $2,100

2. Ductless wall mounted heating/cooling system $2,800

3. One 3’x7’ interior door unit 250

4. Rental of drum sander 230

5. Large moldings for ceiling, base and window & wall trim $1,350

6. Display cases, benches and folding chairs
  by Bernard Rudberg
1-7-2012 We had glorious warm weather today ( 50’s in January ? ). More insulation was added around the foundation beams and also at the top of the east wall. Also some work was done on interior woodwork and the reception center floor. A collection of old bottles was found in the crawl space under the reception center.

Our next work sessions will be Wednesday 1-11-2012 and Saturday 1-14-2012.

Come on down and join the fun.
  by Otto Vondrak
This depot resides in New York State, and we already have one rather lengthy thread for it... It's really not a New England topic...

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 1&start=90

  by Cosmo
Since it was on the CENTRAL NEW ENGLAND's mainline, could we not make an exception this time? The Poughkepsie High Bridge is also in NY, yet that pops up here often enough. :wink:
  by Bernard Rudberg
Saturday 1-14-2012 Most of the day’s work went into the reception center floor. After the padding was laid down and marked, Mike started nailing down the floor boards. We also acquired a box of recycled hardware for the depot. The last photo is the depot on a chilly January 15th afternoon.

One of our members has created a Facebook Page about the Hopewell Depot Restoration. Take a look at this URL.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hopewell ... 2071793718

The Hopewell Depot Restoration project also has a new web site. This site is growing.

Next work sessions will be Wednesday 1-18-2012 and Saturday 1-21-2012.

Remember, the Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp is a 501 C-3 non-profit group so any contributions are tax deductible. If you can help out, send a check to:
Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp.
P. O. Box 1044
Hopewell Junction, NY
  by Bernard Rudberg
Hopewell Depot on a chilly January afternoon.
  by Bernard Rudberg
‎1-18-2012 Work continued on the reception center floor while our donated stove was assembled and cleaned.

Next work session will be Saturday 1-21-2012.
  by Bernard Rudberg
‎1-25-2012 We made more progress on the reception center floor.

Next work session will be Saturday 1-28-2012.

If you have any good ideas for fund raising just let us know. The bank account is getting low.
  by Bernard Rudberg
‎1-28-2012 With bright sunny weather we had 18 volunteers today.
Work continued on the floor boards while an interior door was added.
Salvaged boards were used to repair the fire-damaged east wall.

‎Our bank account is getting low. We need sponsors for such items as:
1. Crown molding $626 2. Window molding $345 3. Baseboards $180.
If you would like to sponsor or contribute send a check to:

Hopewell Depot Restoration Corp.
P. O. Box 1044
Hopewell Junction, NY, 12533
  by Bernard Rudberg
‎2-1-2012 Work continued on the floor boards while new battens were made up and
added to the fire damaged east wall.
We have no idea where the train car came from. It was covered with coal dust.

The next work session will be Saturday 2-4-2012.
  by Bernard Rudberg
‎2-4-2012 We had very nice weather for working on the outside today. Our school volunteers scraped old paint while others sealed up cracks in the east wall. Our electician worked on outside light wiring. Inside, we prepared the depot for installation of wall insulation while Joe put recycled hardware on one interior door. We are ready for the insulation truck. Now we have to figure out how to pay for it.

One of our volunteers finally confessed. He planted that train car and waited for us to find it. He says he bought it at a yard sale for 50 cents. We don't really care. It is still a fine old piece of history.

Next session will be Wednesday 2-8-2012.
  by tahawus84
While I have never seen the depot in person your work looks great!
  by Bernard Rudberg
‎2-8-2012 Most of today's work went into laying down more floor boards. We also did some clean up work to prepare for wall insulation. Rich is cleaning 130 years of coal dust off the wall beams.

The next work session will be Saturday 2-11-2012.
  by Bernard Rudberg
With a bit of snow on the ground, we worked mostly inside today. The wall of the ticket office got some attention from Paul while Joe added recycled hardware to the southwest door. While all that was going on, the rest of the crew finish laying down the floor boards in the reception center. That floor is now ready for sanding. We are still waiting for the wall insulation crew.

The next work session will be Wednesday 2-15-2012.

For those of you who are planning to ride with us on this years annual CNE Rwy historical tour, the time is getting near.

This is a heads up for those planning to join us for the 2012
segment of the annual bus tour along various portions of the former
Central New England Railway. The 2012 tour will be on Sunday
April 1st (rain or shine).
We will depart from the parking lot of the train station in Canaan, CT
The 2012 tour will cover the CNE between Norfolk, CT and the NY
State line at Millerton plus Copake in NY.
The exact routing is subject to change if we run into any last minute
problems or find a new way to get the buses into a small space. Due
to the narrow roads and lack of suitable parking in much of the general
area of our tour, some locations can only be shown from the bus
or in photographs. We will show you as much as we possibly can.
As usual, everybody will get a copy of the 2012 CNE Tour guide
book. We have a lot of ground to cover so we will have coffee and
buses will roll at 9:00.
The cost of this year's tour will be $55.00 per person and
payment should be made out to: Joseph Mato CNE 2012
Be sure to include your E-Mail address so we can contact you if we
need to. If you don't have E-Mail then include your phone number.
Send it to:
REDDING, CT. 06896
Any money that is left after expenses will be used as "seed money"
for next years trip.
As we did last year, we have two buses with 55 seats each. In past
years we sold all seats and had a waiting list so don't wait too long to
send in your reservation. Please note that any request for refunds
must be received thirty (30) or more days in advance of
the tour date. If you can find a replacement to take your bus seat,
that's OK just let us know who it is. We have to know who to let
onto the bus when the tour starts. If you can't find a replacement
then we may have somebody on the waiting list to suggest but we
can't refund money that has already been spent on tour expenses.
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