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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by james1787
Hmm.. the 1900 North Jersey map shows the Gladstone line reaching all the way out to Whitehouse Station, tapping into the Central RR.

http://mapmaker.rutgers.edu/HISTORICALM ... 1900_N.jpg

Interesting.. I always thought the lines never were constructed past Gladstone?

  by nick11a
^That must be a mistake. There were plans to extend it to Whitehouse and link up with the Rockaway Line but money ran out and the line ended being constructed right where it is today, at Gladstone. They came within a few miles of the connection but it never came to fruition.

  by SPUI
To expand on that, the line from Morristown to Whitehouse was the Rockaway Valley Railroad. The lack of connection at Morristown is correct, but the connection at Gladstone is not.
  by henry6
...for the Gladstone line (then the Passaic and Delaware Railroad or another name) was to aim to the Delaware River. The Rockabye Baby did indeed connect with CNJ at Whitehouse but fell short of a DL connection at Speedwell. In season, CNJ hauled a lot of fruit out of those Somerset, Hunterdon and Morris Hills!

  by CarterB
Not sure I understand the answers.

If "The Rockaway Valley RR (nicknamed the Rockabye Baby) began passenger service between Mendham (Ralston) and White House on June 25, 1891. The railroad built eastward through Brookside to Morristown and began service between White House and Morristown in August 1892. The Rockaway Valley RR ceased operations on October 13, 1913 and it was scrapped in 1918. The right-of-way in Morris County is now a portion of Patriot’s Path."

"The Rockaway Valley Railroad passed through Gladstone (running between the M&E at Morristown and the CRRNJ at White House), but the half mile gap between the two railroads was never closed. "

Did it then connect with the Gladstone Line at that time? or was there never really any connection?
  by henry6
...never in Gladstone as the RV right of way was up the hill and away from the P&D.

  by Lackawanna484
Carter, the "running between" is quite literal. The Rockaway didn't connect the other railroads with each other, it ran between them. The "half mile" sounds a bit too close, though. I thought it was more like 2 miles, with significant differences in elevation
  by henry6
....the RV did connect and interchange with CNJ at Whitehouse.
  by Lackawanna484
henry6 wrote:....the RV did connect and interchange with CNJ at Whitehouse.

But the Rockaway Valley didn't connect the P&D at Gladstone with the CNJ or anything else. The RV, literally, ran between them. Also, between the P&D and the CNJ High Bridge Branch.