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  by Statkowski
Went through this on the New York Central side, so let's see what the PRR's highest elevation reached was.

Owned and leased lines only, no jointly-operated lines (which would technically be separate corporate entities).

Oh, and for you PRR fans, the NYC's highest elevation (owned and leased) was located only 20 miles from the PRR's Horseshoe Curve.
  by scottychaos
You already figured it out..four years ago. ;)
Statkowski wrote:Trains Magazine states it was the end of the Llanfair Branch (Cambria County) at 2,457 feet. That would have been quite a push out of Sidman (Lovett).
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  by Statkowski
Thank you, Sir. At my age, memory isn't what it used to be. More and more stuff to remember the older I get.

Interesting, highest elevation for both competing railroads located in the same Pennsylvania county.