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General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by LCJ
The best fish sandwich I ever had was at the bar on top of the hill in Conway, PA. Remember that, Dave? You'd have to force me to move back to Pennsylvania, though (or Texas, for that matter).

Well, I remember a few places, "up on the hill", but my favorite haunts, while I was in Conway, were out in a town called Zellionople (spelling?) Some good homemade pizza joints in both locales, come to mind......

  by LCJ
Zelienople, PA is just the other side of Mars.

Bravo. I wasn't going to mention Mars, as I did not remember the name. Another cool little 'burb, with a good beanery, or two.

  by LCJ
The fish in Conway was at the Imperial Lanes bowling establishment. It seems they're still in business.

Imperial Lanes, Conway, PA

Never ate there, Mr. LCJ. Did notice, the 5 star rating though!!! Never saw a place like that before! We did the coal oven pizza place, on Fridays. Zelli' on the weekends. We did go out and photo the old PLE, and the local lines in and out of Three Rivers area.

  by LCJ
I gave them that rating for old times' sake.

  by thebigc
LCJ wrote:Zelienople, PA is just the other side of Mars.
And not very far from Moon Township.

  by LCJ
No E-44s out there!

  by ACLfan

I agree with you!

That's why I used the word railfan in quotation marks, as follows: "railfans", which means that they are not railfans at all, but they like to pretend that they are railfans. However, their actions betray them as not being railfans at all!

When I posted my response, I was thinking about a recent situation in Cordele, GA. According to some friends on the City's police force, a stupid person stood with a camera right beside the CSX mainline, and the engineer thought that he would hit the guy with the camera. He reported the incident, and the city police was requested by CSX to vigorously enforce a "no trespassing" condition on property that the railroad and city had previously maintained for railfans to trainwatch the trains of CSX, NS and the Heart of Georgia railroads at a five-diamond crossing. The stupidity of this one person temporarily ruined trainwatching for a lot of people (the city eased off on enforcement, but kept watching closely for any stupid acts). This situation could have had a much worse outcome for railfans. Fortunately, it didn't, but it shows how dumb, stupid, thoughtless acts of one or more idiots can adversely affect a lot of enjoyment by many good, responsible railfans!


  by CNW4404
My rule of thumb is a car (automobile, not railroad) length from the tracks, never going within 5 feet of the roadbed.

Oh, by the way, page 4 of this thread was one of the goofiest things I've ever read! :-D

  by Aji-tater
CNW4404 says "Oh, by the way, page 4 of this thread was one of the goofiest things I've ever read!"

Didn't you ever hear of the Irrie RR?

(sorry, couldn't resist that one!)

  by LCJ
Aji-tater wrote:(sorry, couldn't resist that one!)
So, you're saying it was irresistible? Incredible!


  by crazy_nip
UPRR engineer wrote:A... ya i would feel important. I watched the President talk the other night, he warned us not to become lax. I would like to help in the war against terror. So yes i would would feel important. Train service people are the railroads eyes on the rail, thats why they ask us to be on the look out.

you have got to be kidding me

this is wrong on so many levels

for starters, why dont you think for yourself

the president is trying to scare you so he can legitimize his agenda of fear to keep control of the populous

his ratings are heading down and he is really losing control

there is no reason to fear a couple railfans

when was the last time someone terrorized a train in a yard?

seriously, you must be either a greenhorn or completely detatched from reality...

people shouldnt be tresspassing, but you are making a fool of yourself if you think you are helping anyone by reporting railfans as terrorists

vigilance is a great term to spread fear of the unknown

vigilance + stupidity = the cops are too busy being playing terror-cop to do their real jobs (IE: fighting real crime)
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