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  • General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.
General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.

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  by Leo Sullivan
The street sign to the left says McCarter Highway and the angle of the tall building in the distance
(the only surviving landmark ) says, Market St. is a good guess.
  by CarterB
What is that tall building in the background?
  by Nile
Wow, that is cool!!! The very same car? I didn't get out a magnifying glass.
  by Nile
Is that a theater marquee on the left side? What's playing?
  by Ken W2KB
CarterB wrote:What is that tall building in the background?
744 Broad Street.
  by Nile
No, I have no idea. It took some rather detective work to identify it this far. I even took it apart a bit from the mounting board thinking that the back might have some writing on it, but no luck. It is fairly clear though, in focus etc.
  by Nile
I have no idea where the picture was taken. It took some detective work to figure out it was in Newark. I took it off the mounting board thinking that there might be some writing on the back, but no go. Nice picture though.
  by JimBoylan
The destination cited in the 1st post is probably "PENN RR".
  by oldrow51
In the second photo the theater marquee reads 'FORCED LANDING' a film starring Richard Arlen that came out in 1941, which dates the picture. Still trying to indentify the big building in the backgraound. Notice also the enclosed trolley right behind it.
  by Leo Sullivan
Amazing what side issues one can learn about while doing this sort of stuff.
1941 didn't sound right to me for an open car in Newark but, there was the film
and, I Googled it and there it was 1941. Still wondering, I blew up the photo and,
none of the names on the poster agreed with the 1941 film. Turns out there was a 1935
film, also called "Forced Landing" It starred Esther Ralston, which agrees with the
poster and so, the August 16, 1936 date is probably right.
The negative envelope gives that date (8.16.1936) so, I was really confused.
  by 3rdrail
I've also seen photos- mainly postcards - depicting a streetcar running when in fact, there never was a streetcar operation at the particular location. There was a time when the prescence of streetcars depicted a city that was bustling and many that didn't have any used photographic trickery to show that they did in order to draw in the tourist trade. Just another example of "don't believe everything that you read".
  by Nile
It has been enjoyable reading all of the enthusiasm generated from an appeal to identify an old photograph. In researching this photograph, I have learned so much about the streetcar lore of the New Jersey area. It is truly a shame that we as a society did not see it in the best interests to continue this vast commuter network of trolley cars and streetcars. Now in my 70's, I have decided to sell this old photograph and I am listing it on ebay. I thank all of you contributing your comments. Even now, I look at this photograph and see the dedication in the faces of the operator and the ticket conductor. Thank you.