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  by mtuandrew
Moderator's Note: Welcome to the forum! While I can't help with the identification, I would inquire at your local railroad museum. There is a fairly comprehensive list at the top of the Railroad Museums forum, so you can get in touch with whichever is closest to you.

As for the post, I don't think it is in the right forum, so I'll move it to the Railroad Equipment forum. Hopefully you'll find an answer to your question there!
  by 3rdrail
I agree with you. My estimate would be 1890-1910. It seems to me that south of 1890, you get the real Victorian scrolls and twirls. This one has the arrowheads and turrets so it's still @ 19 th Century but a little modified. Note that my estimate my be skewed in that it could be older if it came from a less expensive coach originally. By the way, you're in a golden moment right now and that is the moment that you may possibly have an expert witness to your piece should you wind up with it. That witness may be the Ebay seller. Ask him if he knows any further info about it and if he doesn't, who might. Now is the time that if he's a grump, he's still going to be nice to you because he wants to get the best price that he can for his piece. Use that "ask the seller" button ! After the sale, good luck ! Hahaha!!! That would be a nice piece to be a functional display piece, perhaps above a desk holding paper, pens, office supply with a photo of the rack originally in use (if you can find one) next to it ! It looks legit merely from the photo regarding it's age (patina) and brass weight (commercial). There are light weight reproductions out there. I would be very surprised if this is one of them. Good luck and let us know how you made out ! :-D