• heavy vechicle speed limits raised in New Zealand

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  by David Benton
Heavy vechicle speed limits have been raised form 80 to 90 k.m per hour .
In practice wont make a huge difference , as most barrelll along at 100 - 110 kph anyway . plus the offical "tolerance " has been dropped to 5 kph , os in practice it is a 5 kph speed increase .
Still it is one more area where road has been sped up in comparison to rail
http://www.nzherald.co.nz/latestnewssto ... on=general
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  by Komachi

Interesting article. I am currious to know if you guys in NZ have "truck trains" (similar to semi tractor-trailor rigs here in the U.S., except that they tow 4-5 trailors behind them) like they do in Austrailia? Saw them featured on a National Geographic or The Learning Channel (TLC)'s "Extreme Machines," or some program like that. If so, are they included under said law as well, or do they have their own regulations? Just wondering.

  by David Benton
No we dont have road trains , as in parts of Australia . NZ is a small mountainous country ,so they would be no use here . although there has been talk of using them on private forestry roads .
Road trains are only used on certain routes in Australia , like Alice springs - Darwin . I dont think they are legal on ordinary roads . I would say lack of railways in htese areas were a factor in allowing thier use .