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General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by MR77100
What were and are the headquarters for the major U.S. railroads including fallen flags? Here are what I know:
N&W-Roanoke, VA
Conrail-Philadelphia, PA
B&O-Baltimore, MD
Milwaukee Road-Chicago
BN-St. Paul?
PRR-Philadelphia, PA
C&O-Cleveland, OH
Illinois Terminal-Springfield, IL

CSX-Jacksonville, Florida
BNSF-Fort Worth, TX

  by freshmeat
I beleive UP is Omaha, NE
  by eddiebehr
BANGOR & AROOSTOOK - 54 Harlow St. Bangor, later moved out to Northern Maine Jct.
MAINE CENTRAL - 222-232-242 St. John St., Portland
BOSTON & MAINE - 150 Causeway Street, Boston later moved to Billerica.
NEW HAVEN - 54 Meadow Street, New Haven
NEW YORK CENTRAL - 466 Lexington Avenue, New York
DELAWARE & HUDSON - Albany in a 1909 or so stylish building, sold to State of NY, later moved to 40 Beaver St., Albany, and still later to a building in the Colonie Shop complex.
AMTRAK - 2000 Market St., Philadelphia, later moved to 30th Street Station, which was once known as Pennsylvania Station.
I managed to get into the MEC, B & M, NH, NYC, D & H (Colonie) and AMTRAK (both 2000 Market & 30th St) facilities. I worked for both B & M and Amtrak (not in Phila) so that was even part of my job.
Railroad HQs were once fascinating places and some of the work still is, but a lot of the work is probably drone work today.

Lehigh Valley Railroad.
425 Brighton Street.
Bethlehem, Pa.

Lehigh & New England Railroad
415 Brighton Street.
Bethlehem, Pa.

  by LCJ
For a long time, UP's corporate hq was in New York, then in later years in Bethlehem, PA, of all places. Operations hq has always been Omaha.

I don't believe, as cited above, that Amtrak ever had corporate hq in Philadelphia. It's always been in Washington, DC.

  by shlustig
New York Central Executive HQ was 230 Park Ave. 466 Lexington was the New York District HQ and had many of the system level offices.

NYC&StL (NKP) HQ was in the Terminal Tower, Cleveland.
ERIE HQ was Midland Bldg., Cleveland.

The UP HQ being in New York goes back to the days when Harriman
controlled the UP and a couple of other railroads. IIRC, it continued through the Frank Barnett era.

  by LCJ
I believe Drew Lewis brought UP to Bethlehem. They moved to Dallas in 1997 for a short period, but now the hq location is the same as operations -- in their new building in Omaha.