Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by commuterjoe
Hopefully, with the M-3's being put back into service for a while, we will get some head end videos of the new third track, the double track to Ronkonkoma, the mid Sufflok yard, the new interlocking into the Oyster Bay branch, Harold interlocking changes, the mid-day storage yard at Sunnyside, and the tracks into Grand Central.
  by Head-end View
I really hope you're right but I don't think they're going to be running that many M3 trains and the odds of catching one will be slim at best. And don't forget that the storm door windows may be fogged up to the point you can't see out of them.

Another possibility is that they'll just run them on the Brooklyn shuttle trains and insult the Brooklyn riders a little more.
  by Kelly&Kelly
M3's on two Long Beach trains this (August 3) morning.
CJ and H-E: With 100 M3 MU cars being returned to service (80 PTC equipped cars that can lead trains;
20 without PTC that can not if I recall) the chances of actually getting an M3 equipped train is small -
If the M3 fleet is operated in 12 car sets that would mean just EIGHT sets in service totalling 96 cars
(12x8=96) with 4 spare cars (two pairs) to total 100. (The M3 fleet is 40 pairs with PTC and 10 without.)

Past LIRR Ridership Books issued after the M7 fleet was totally deployed (836 cars) and with the M1 cars
fully retired (2005-2007) mentioned that M3 equipment was to be used primarily on the highest ridership
MU trains because of their larger seating (and standing room) capacity than the M7 cars...MACTRAXX
  by Head-end View
That policy probably is no longer applicable since Covid with passenger loads being less than they used to be.