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  by matt1168
This weekend, I will be traveling from my mother's house in NJ to a Yankee game. I decided to go PATH for a change from Harrison, and had a few questions:

1. How easy will it be for me to find parking at Harrison Station, and how much does it cost?

2. Is the neighborhood around Harrison safe enough for me to leave my car in?

Thank you in advance,

  by metman499
The area is safe. I've done it many a time. The nearest parking is a public lot near the Wendy's in town, also near the ex EL.

  by Rich T
There is considerable street meter parking around the station area in effect until 5 PM seven days. $4 in quarters required for the maximum ten hours. Weekdays are busy, including evenings as many people use the Path when going out for a "night on the town".