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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.

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  by twolfe
I thought the Canadian Northern Society has this structure for conservation but I see it's up for sale.
How many stalls in this round house??
Any idea when this facility was last used??

**Prototype Roundhouse for Sale**Viewed in the Calgary Real Estate newspaper. A sales listing for a Canadian National Railway roundhouse in Hanna Alberta. Only $175,000 with 8.97 acres. Turntable is also there.Go to www.maxwellrealty.ca/jamesnovick Select the 2nd page of listings for pics and info.

  by 2spot
It appears that the Hanna Roundhouse had 10 stalls when built and was intended to be a divisional point during the Canadian Northern period. Reference: http://www.hanna.ca/history/histry6.htm There appears to be more stalls now, perhaps 14 or 15. http://www.seevirtual360.com/themes/41/ ... ngID=10795 click on the roundhouse at left. Its been abandoned for quite some time as evidenced by the tree in the turntable pit.
  by Erie13
Does anyone know if the roundhouse has been sold yet? I guess it was owned by CN. Are they the ones who sold it and is it near an active rail line?

  by 2spot
The roundhouse was privately owned. I havent as yet found a reference to its sale so I'm not sure if has sold. In the "See virtual 360" link in my earlier post you will find a row of railcars in the vicinity.

  by hanna
As the Director of Economic Development & Tourism for the Town of Hanna, I can tell you that the Hanna Roundhouse has not sold. The owner did in fact have it listed as was referenced by the web link provided but I'm thinking that the listing expired. I'm certain he'd sell if he could.

There has been lots of interest in the roundhouse. Interest that pats you on the back and says "You Go Girl". Lots of people want to see "Something Done" with the Roundhouse but I can't seem to spark a champion to take on such a massive project. I have solicited the Provincial Government who have assisted with gathering some historical information on the building but much to my dismay, won't take a leadership role in maintaining this piece of Prairie history.

This summer, the doors of the old section fell in. I haven't been around that way since then to see if the owner has cleaned it up or not. In answer to some of the questions:
CN sold it to a company who turned it into an auction market in the 70's/80's. They then sold it to Balog Auction. Balog closed the auction and it sat vacant for years until the present owner purchased it. He has owned it for about 5 years. It is close to the rail line, on the original site. The track is all there, just not in place. The turntable apparently would work but it needs to be placed on its pivot.
Laurie from Hanna
  by kitty101
personally i believe that the roundhouse should stay the way it is Hanna has a fine piece of history and this town would be nothing without it you rebuild it and its not history anymore the way it looks is the reason i moved here in the first place to me that building is wonderful and i would hate to see it restored
  by hanna
You moved to Hanna because of the way the Roundhouse looks? Well, that is an interesting statement. Perhaps you can get more people to move here because of the way the Roundhouse looks??