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  by Steam man
Looking for pictures of the B&O Gray's Ferry engine faclities at 34th and Jackson in South Philly. My Pop worked there during WW2 as a locomotive mechanic apprentice and I would like to see what the place looked like if anyone could help or guide me to a source. Thanks

  by kevikens
I find it very difficult to uncover pictures of the B&O in the Philly area. I guess it was an afterthought for B&O railfans of a prvious age to get up to Philly to photograph what must have been seen as marginal operations. The Eastside Yard was always an oddball place to work. You might try the Trackside series. The Trackside Phila, book has some pictures of the area in the steam period including some of the Eastside Yard facilities. The building you are looking for may be there.

  by Steam man
kevikens ,
Thank you very much. I checked the book out and it looks like it covers just about all the Philly area rail operations. I am going to get a copy, most likely on ebay. You are right in the fact that there is scant litte B&O stuff for the eastern most end of the railroad. Thanks again!

  by RDG467
There are two places in Philly where you can see aerial photos of the Eastside yard area- the Free Library on the Parkway and the Library Company of Phila near 13th and Locust. The photos in these collections range from the '30s to the '50s and were taken by the Aeroservice and Dallin companies.

They may not be identified specifically by name, since some of the Gulf Refinery photos will show parts of Eastside yard, for example.

The LCP, www.librarycompany.org, has negatives while the Free Library only has prints. The State Archives in Harrisburg has the remainer of the negatives that LCP doesn't own. You can view the negatives by appointment, and they will scan any negs you'd like to have copies of (for a fee, of course). See the website for their current fee schedule.

I still have copies of the index numbers and can forward you my list, as it is helpful for the LCP to have the numbers in advance, since some of the neg's must be removed from cold storage and need 24 hours to re-acclimate to room temp.

Sorry for the 'late' reply, I haven't browsed this forum in a while....