Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by L'mont
The layout of the tracks and platforms (not to mention track numbering makes it obvious that there WAS a track 2 where the track 3 platform is. What was the histroy here? Whas there ever a track here? What for?

  by RearOfSignal
L'mont didn't you just start a shuttle topic not too long ago? No need for a new one, you could have just continued the old one.


IIRC when the subway first opened it connected the Lex and the 7th Ave line at 42nd street. The Lex didn't continue north of 42nd and the 7th Ave line didn't continue South of 42nd. The 42nd street line was contructed using 4 tracks similar of course to the 7th Ave and the Lex lines. When eventually relagated to shuttle service, track 2 was taken out to accomodate more platforms. Here's a map-->>http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/caption.p ... rofile.jpg

  by L'mont
Thanks for the info. As for a new topic, sometimes I can't figure out what the Mod's want. I've been chastised for asking a question that's different from the one that began the topic.

Oh well, thanks for the help.
  by rail10
Which part of Grand Central is the subway station complex section located?
  by Fan Railer
The Lexington Avenue platforms would be located at the south east end of the complex (running north to south), while the shuttle is located in the south west and the 7 is located below and runs perpendicular to the lexington platforms.
  by R36 Combine Coach
The IRT Lexington (main line) platform are diagionally skewed, slanted from Park Av (at the south end) to Lexington and 43rd (north end), directly under the Grand Hyatt (Commodore) Hotel. This is due to the line curving between Park and Lexington at this point.

The shuttle is at the west end of the terminal, by the "Shuttle Passage" near Zaro's. The shuttle is under 42nd Street, with the platform between Vanderbilt and Madison.

The #7 (IRT Queensboro subway) is directly under 42nd, at a deeper level (80-100 feet). The east end of #7 platform leads into 150 East 42nd, west of 3 Avenue. The west end leads to the main subway concourse between Park and Lexington. With a arched, rounded tubular ceiling and long escalators, the (7) station at Grand Central is probably the closest to a London Tube Station this side of the pond.
  by Ken S.
Was there ever some sort of passageway between the Dining Concourse and the Subway Station at GCT? Seems like it would be a hassle to go upstairs and then back down into the subway when your train arrives on the Lower Level.
  by Patrick A.
To my knowledge no, however if one takes the ramps near the Oyster Bar as opposed to the stairs leading to the Grand Concourse, the journey is a bit easier especially with luggage.
  by RedbirdR33
Ken: The reason for the up and down is to pass over the upper level loop.

Larry, RedbirdR33
  by nyrmetros
So the shuttle is actually part of the oldest line of the system??
  by lirr42
Yup. Those tracks were first used in 1904 as part of the IRT's Main Line until 1918 when it reverted to its current shuttle style operation.
  by Patrick Boylan
I hate to nitpick, instead usually want to leave that to my hero, Captain Nitpick, major savior of the downtrodden, but are you sure you mean "reverted to its current shuttle"? When before 1918 did it operate as a shuttle? I thought it was a through route, Broadway to 42nd St, then over 42nd St, then down Lexington Ave, having become its current shuttle service for the first time in 1918.
  by lirr42
Oh yeah, sorry. I left my fancy verb usage guide at work. I'll get 'em next time.
And send Captain Nitpick my regards.
  by MelroseMatt
R36 Combine Coach wrote: The #7 (IRT Queensboro subway) is directly under 42nd, at a deeper level (80-100 feet).
Wouldn't it have been less expensive to build a higher level subway one street over? Even if the narrower width of 41st street required the east/west tracks to be stacked (like the Central Park West line), or to run westbound on 41st and eastbound on 40th.

Was the 7 line already at a very deep depth coming from the Steinway tunnel, so they just kept going? Was this in anticipation of future north-south lines that would be closer to the street (Not sure if the 6th ave IND tunnel runs above or below the 7).

My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere.
  by Backshophoss
The IRT was 1st in the area,the current shuttle route was the "Manhatten Mainline" in the begining.
Believe when the #7 route was built, it was built to pass under the 7th ave,6th ave as well as the Broadway lines,
to reach Times Square.