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Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by Terrapin Station
Erie-Lackawanna wrote:
Terrapin Station wrote:I disagree. I think the general public would be interested to know that they are seemingly being outright lied to by MNCR and the media.
So get on your soapbox and tell them. See how many stop to listen.

Really, with all the lying and covering up the press has done about things that actually matter (like Iraq, to name just one), do you really think that letting this cat out of the bag (which is a mis-statement, actually - nobody's trying to keep it under wraps) is going to push the nation over the edge and demand change for once?

This is insignificant. Take all that energy and indignation and direct it towards something that will help humanity - or at least yourself - in a concrete way.

No. There is a difference between this and something like the Iraq war. Many of the facts about this baggage car, as presented by MNCR and the media, are VERY EASY to disprove. Whereas proving that the press is lying and covering up in Iraq, and finding the truth, would be a lot more difficult, I'd imagine.

I don't understand why you think this is no big deal. It doesn't bother you that the spokesman is just blatantly lying as he sees fit?

  by Erie-Lackawanna
Terrapin Station wrote:It doesn't bother you that the spokesman is just blatantly lying as he sees fit?
No. This "lie" hurts nobody.

Doesn't it bother you that the president of the United States lied about the situation in Iraq in order to get into a war that has cost this country over 4,000 innocent Americans' lives, never mind the untold trillions of dollars out of our pockets? Whether or not you agree with the war in Iraq (and I'm not stating which side I'm on; it doesn't matter here), his justifications were easily disproved - yet the press reported what they were told, with no independent investigation/confirmation at all. Yet somehow an innocent "lie" about a train car that happens to make good press at no cost to anyone, has you more stirred up.

Get your priorities straight.

I'm done with this topic...feel free to blather on if you wish.


  by Otto Vondrak
That does it. We're sending the baggage car to Iraq. It's the only sensible solution I can see.


  by Tadman
I think a kudos to Otto is in order for having quite the sense of humor here. I have to say I laughed out loud at this one...

With respect to MNRR employees spinning tales about a mysterious baggage car, we don't need to compare this to a heavily political situation, as that's only going to start a flame war. However, a railroad is a serious place. Credibility is key in such a place where injury is easy. How is this man to be taken seriously when he's off playing Robert Ludlum? How do we know he's telling us the truth when there's a suspiciuos death or accident? What happens when MNRR has their version of the Acela or Talgo shutdown due to maintenance concerns, and here's Robert Ludlum Jr. talking about god-knows-what?

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
This is a railroad forum, not a political forum. To compare the war in Iraq with and outright fabrication about a railcar in GCT is absurd. We could argue the war forever and this railroad forum is not the place to interject politics. No one likes war but look how many people died to protect our nation in the two world wars. How many soldiers died on D-Day alone? Did people attack FDR for that. You better believe not. But go on, blame President George Bush for everything; everyone else does. Guess you forgot 9/11 and the fanatics that want to kill every American, regardless of race, religion or national origin. While you're talking war, who got us into Vietnam? Think it was JFK and LBJ. Who do the clowns out there blame for it, why of course the man who got us out of there, Richard Nixon. HOWEVER, this is not the place to talk politics, this is for what I thought was our favorite subject, railroads. Lets stick to that.

  by DutchRailnut
UpperHarlemLine4ever its you who made it political, we were just talking about lies, your one who puts names too it.

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
You know what, I'm finished with this forum. It's your colleague from MNRR who made it political by comparing an issue about a rail car to to a war. He started that, I didn't. I don't know why I waste my time with this forum. I guess, I hope against hope that there will be some useful discussion about railroad issues. But you know what I'm finished ever posting on this forum.

  by 3rdrail
No reason to do that Upper Harlem. We all enjoy reading your posts. The dialog got a little heated, but that's ok - nobody gets hurt. Actually, I think that every one of you have made valid points and ones that are not really too opposite of the other. Time to relax, have a frosty, and get back "on track". :wink:

  by RearOfSignal
Come on, guys this was an interesting topic before it got hijacked let's not ruin it. But anyway...

Dutch, (or anyone else) I thought I saw a car very similar to this baggage car at Milford a couple of weeks ago during the trackwork up there. Does MNR have anything painted yellow similar to this or am I just seeing stuff?

  by DutchRailnut
You probably saw the bagage generator car for the P-811 tie lying machine, its a Canadian machine I believe belonging to CANAC a maintenance firm.
their color is orange.

  by Otto Vondrak
UpperHarlemLine4ever wrote:You know what, I'm finished with this forum.
Me too! I've had it with all of you! ;-)



  by Dieter
DutchRailnut wrote:UpperHarlemLine4ever its you who made it political, we were just talking about lies, your one who puts names too it.
You need to go back a page; Upperharlem didn't make it Political, Jim lit that fuse all by himself.

Is this type of baggage car the same kind that RAPIDO just came out with this year (08) in HO? I like that early shot of the PRR baggage with the porthole, where was that taken? Otto, I think from the look of Dutch's photos of the truck, that baggage car has already been to Iraq and back. How can that much mud accumulate on a freshly painted car that hasn't seen the light of day in decades? I didn't see the car in the latest Indy farce either. Which is older? The baggage car or Harrison Ford? It must be close.

  by Kamen Rider
Now even Detective Taylor and his crew are getting in on the myth. part of the plot of the EP on right now is modiffed verson of the myth. Instead of a baggage car, it's a Pullman observation car. the victum had been down, digging for something under the car, and Taylor, Flack & Messer end up following a map back to Track 61, which is shown as it's own tunnel.
  by Backshophoss
Believe the Baggage car was covered by the Nat-Geo and PBS shows,Catgirl's was about the Information Booth
in the main concourse of GCT,a heck of a scam back then! ;) (There's this bridge....)
  by Statkowski
The former New York Central Railroad hid many strange and wondrous items deep within the bowels of Grand Central Terminal, just as the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad hid similar such items in Terryville Tunnel, both on secret tracks sealed off from the unwanted gaze of mere civilians.

Such cars, locomotives and whatnot are beyond our wishes.