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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by GP40MC1118
I think these runs are to show the locals that the railroad is still a
going concern after the flack they are taking over in Milford/Hopedale.
This has to do with the reactivation of some track in Milford on the
CSX end for steel distribution. The Boston Railway Terminal was
going to spot the cars. Locals weren't happy...


  by wolfmom69
Hopefully,someone in the G&U area (Im up here in Maine)will give a brief but accurate story,but heres what Ive learned(?) from bits I ve read. G&U is in a battle with the horrible NIMBYs. Yes, because G&U hasnt been an active RR over these tracks,for a while,the "neighbors" figured that with rusty tracks,no trains,and probably real estate salespeople,who assured them:"railroad is out of business". Well, Boston Terminal RR,is losing their location,near S.Station,and want to move their operation(which is largely getting steel on rail cars & trucks,then transloading it to steel fabricators etc.) to one of the G&U yards. G&U still has an interchange with CSX,so they can get the rail cars. Well,NIMBYs & their parasite lawyers are claiming foul,and that G&U should NOT be allowed to operate their own railraod. So, the Lucey family that owns the G&U has wisely been running their Alco,to make it an "active railroad!" :( Please,anyone knows the exact towns,mileage,where they interchange with CSX,other potential G&U customers--POST it! Thanks, Bud


  by mlaughlinnyc
There seems to be some misinformation here. The town of Milford is not saying that G&U cannot operate the railroad. That has never been in doubt. The legal question is whether BRT can ignore local zoning and set up a steel transload operation. BRT is not a railroad and is not protected by the federal authority. The town changed the zoning from industrial to residential years ago, and there ws no protest by the railroad.

The active interchange is at North Grafton where G&U operates 0.7 miles of track to deliver abrasive materials to Washington and box cars to its transload platform with bak9ing ingredients for Whhetabix.

  by Guest
the Alco has been running a few times to West Upton yard, with RR employees stopping at various locations to inspect the tracks, crossings, and to trim brush. The railroad would like to keep the North Grafton to West Upton portion open for potential use. Beyond West Upton, the line is embargoed and cannot be operated. The dispute going on with reopening Milford yard has nothing to do directly with operation of the N. Grafton to Upton portion, other than to let those towns know they still run on a limited basis.

  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
How long is the G&U? I wish to know the track miles, both in service and out of service.

  by thebigham
Here is a link to a great article (with photos and a map) of the G&U:



  by highrail
Great article. Thanks!


  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
Great article thanks for the info.

  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
Found this on a website for Hopedale Mass, it was about some town meeting, I don't quite understand what property they are talking about.

ARTICLE 14: To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to acquire by purchase, gift, eminent domain or otherwise and to accept the deed to the Town of a fee simple interest or lesser interest in all or a portion of the parcel of land described below, now or formerly owned by the Grafton & Upton Railroad and shown on the Assessors map as parcel 11-63-0, upon such terms and conditions as the Board of Selectmen shall determine to be appropriate, for municipal purposes.

And further to see if the Town will vote to raise, appropriate, transfer from available funds, accept gifts or borrow a sum of money for this purpose and any expenses related thereto and to authorize the Board of Selectmen to enter into all agreements and take all realted actions necessary or appropriate to carry out this acquisition, or act or transact anything in relation thereto.
Submitted by: Board of Selectmen
  by steveh
Anyone know anything of a supposed ex-Grafton & Upton steam locomotive which may possibly still survive in Cuba?

  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
I read about it awhile ago, supposedly was laying on its side at a mill or something. Recently 39 steamers were cut up in Cuba, that one might have been cut but then again maybe not. I posted a question about this engine on RYPN.

  by CSX Conductor
Boston Railway Terminal is looking for another location, possibly in the New England Produce Market in Chelsea, Ma.

As far as BRT moving to Milford, Mass....................dead issue.

Perhaps Allen Marsh will re-register on the new RR.net and shed some more light on the possible sites still being considered.
  by paulrail
Some interesting news on the Grafton & Upton RR :wink:






In US District Court, Judge Nathaniel Gorton waited the four weeks he said he would
[see 20 January issue] for the STB to act.

Facts about GU-

The judge found that GU has roots dating back to 1873, and currently
operates 15.5 miles of track, though it has been
"relatively dormant." It has yards in Hopedale, Grafton, Upton, and
The Milford Yard is `uniquely located and configured to serve' the
Boston Railway Terminal, the customer GU wants
to land. The Yard is located in the geographic center of BRT's sphere
of operations, it has direct access to CSXT, and it
has road access to I-495.

Town of Milford legal argument

Milford agreed that federal law pre-empted its regulation of railroad
activity, but argued that the BRT operations were
essentially that of a trucking company. However, the Court read legal
precedents as stating that state and local regulation
of even non-railroad activities `are expressly pre-empted under the
ICCTA [federal Interstate Commerce Commission
Termination Act of 1995] so long as those activities are related to
the operation of railroads for use in interstate commerce.'

Grounds for injunction

The Court found that the four grounds for a preliminary injunction
existed. First, legal analysis showed GU would succeed
on the merits; second, GU would suffer irreparable harm because no
other customer is likely to use the Milford Yard; third,
the injury to GU outweighs the harm to the town. The town `will still
be protected by federal environmental statutes and
regulations.' Fourth, the public interest will not be adversely affected by a
preliminary injunction. The public interest is protected
by the federal environmental statutes and regulations, and enhanced
by `the potential for economic development.'

STB jurisdiction

However, the Court continued, the STB has primary jurisdiction here
and should `determine the precise scope of that preemption.'
The Court will `permit the STB to consider the matter in full.'
So the Court preliminarily enjoined Milford from taking steps to
prohibit GU from developing the Milford Yard with
the BRT. But it stayed the litigation [which would argue over making
the injunction permanent–editor] while the STB was
deciding the case.

{USDC District of Massachusetts, Grafton and Upton
Railroad v. Town of Milford, Civil Action No.03-
40291-NMG, decision 27.Feb.04, filed with STB in Finance Docket

  by AM@BRT
Thank you, Paul, for posting this information. The Boston Globe article is quite accurate, and we are pursuing relocation to the Milford Yard, CSXConductor's comments to the contrary notwithstanding!
Much work remains to be done, but we are hopeful that an orderly transition can be accomplished.

By the way, I like this new format!
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