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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by p42thedowneaster
I think G&U were among the last to have an MBTA F40PH running for their Polar excursions a few years back. 1013 and MBB cars, I think?

Is G&U related to the Conway Scenic op? They could certainly use power in that HP range for the notch run, but they would be much more desirable with dynamics. They do carry sort of the B&M lineage though which could have value to them in that much.
  by NHV 669
No, Jon Delli Priscoli wanted to buy Conway Scenic with at least one other investor, but backed out; one of his former execs and his wife (Dave & Rhonda Swirk) ended up buying it.

There was a whole lawsuit involving the two and the sale, but other than that, the two roads have nothing to do with each other.
  by nomis
Pre auction, the G&U was advertising prepping services for COT&S and the like for the units for prospective buyers.

Nowadays, in the Post-"IOU Pacific" realm of G&U interest of Mass Coastal & with the rebuilding and PTC install partners setting up shop recently for them, well anything's possible.
  by b&m 1566
Does the G&U still run Polar Express trains or was that short lived?
  by MaineCoonCat
Question regarding the "private crossing" at 14 Greene Street. How do train crews treat that? Is there any safety protocol or do they just creep through there?
  by 0SCAR1
"A Superior Court judge has ruled invalid a deal the Select Board had signed with the Grafton & Upton Railroad to split protected forestland on West Street because the proposal didn't go to Town Meeting first.

"At the same time, Judge Karen Goodwin on Nov. 10 ruled that the Select Board alone has the authority to exercise the right of first refusal to buy land that has been deemed forest and therefore taxed at a lower rate.

"Goodwin also entered a preliminary injunction preventing the railroad from carrying out further work on that forestland for 60 days of the ruling, or until Jan. 9."

https://www.milforddailynews.com/story/ ... 592096002/
  by 0SCAR1
"On Nov. 10, Judge Karen Goodwin ruled that a deal made between the Select Board and Grafton and Upton Railroad to split 155 acres of protected forestland on West Street was invalid because the proposal didn't first go to Town Meeting.

"At the same time, she ruled that only the board has the authority to exercise the right of first refusal to buy land that has been deemed forest, and therefore taxed at a lower rate.

"Goodwin then gave the board three choices:
1. Decide whether to seek the Town Meeting authorization necessary to validate the settlement agreement it signed with the railroad
2. Take the necessary steps to proceed with its initial decision to purchase the entire the property
3. Neither of the above. This would allow the railroad to acquire all of the land.

https://www.milforddailynews.com/story/ ... 732531002/
  by wilfred
What if the land is no longer for sale? The trust is now manned by the railroad.
  by 0SCAR1
Changing the use of the land from Chapter 61 Forest is what triggers right of first refusal. Look at page 17 here:
https://masswoods.org/sites/masswoods.n ... h61-v2.pdf

If I read that correctly, the landowner can keep the land as forest for a year before converting it to non-Forest use. they'll still incur tax penalty, but the Town cannot force acquisition. Any way this goes it winds up in court.
  by 0SCAR1
A Superior Court judge has said the town’s deal with the Grafton and Upton Railroad over land on West Street is invalid until it receives Town Meeting approval.

If the town doesn't act, the railroad could take over 155 acres of disputed land that's been under debate in court for over a year.

The town has until Jan. 31 to make its decision.

https://www.milforddailynews.com/story/ ... 506185001/
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