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  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by WSH
I'm a big fan of the GG1 locomotives. The more I read about them the more interested I am of there inner workings. Does anyone have any photos or diagrams on the interior layout of a GG1? Does anyone know if any of the book about the GG1 have interior photos or construction photos?

On a side note what do you guys think the top speed could have been if they weren't gear for around 100mph?

  by pennsy

Recommend you read Pennsy Power I & II. That should give you a solid foundation to build on. Check out what is available in your local library.

As for the speed of the GG-1. The Brunswick Green GG-1's were geared for a top speed of 100 mph, and were usually used in freight operations. The Tuscan Red GG-1's were geared for 120 mph, and were usually found at the head of the passenger trains, such as the Congressionals.

Now we all know, via various other threads, that these speed limits were occasionally exceeded. One Engineman, severely disciplined, was clocked at over 120 mph on the NEC run. He wanted to outpace the B & O steamer that left at the same time he did and raced the B & O train. All the B & O engineman saw was dust and even that was moving away from him.

Considering the condition of the ROW of that time, the signalling available at that time, etc. etc. that was "reckless driving ".

  by WSH
Does anyone know if the book "The Remarkable GG1" has any interior or builders photos?

Here's what I've found so far:

"Cab Walkway"




Detail of Engineers Controls

Fireman's Side:

  by DutchRailnut
Note the Speedometer, its 0 to 100 mph max

  by .Taurus.
Has the Fireman also a indicator for cab signals* (the case on the right side with the missing lamp covers) ?
Or did this case carried indication lights about the engine status (wheel slip etc ...)

The engineer as a cab signal device with 5 aspects(lamps) , but the fireman only 4 aspects (lamps) , strange...

  by WSH
Here are two more:

A cracked GG1 Driver:

Action shot from the cab (with older looking guages that the above photos):

  by pennsy
Sad to see the interiors of a GG-1 in such disrepair and neglect, but it certainly does offer room for imagination for a GG-2. Imagine digital readouts, Screen views of front and back, etc. etc. What an engine that would be. And the digital readout for the speedometer would go up to 150 mph.

  by ZephyrHogHead
A new fersion of a GG1 would be very cool. I have to say though I do not agree with the idea of digital readouts.

As I have written in other posts the digital readouts are terrible. Not only is a locomotive the worst environment for a computer but the digital readouts have other problems. They always seem to either not be bright enough to see well durin the day or they do not get dark enough at night and become blinding.

The modern digital speed-o's like we have on the Amtrak junk P-42's can get so out of whack that the gage literally jumps from 0 to 80+ when you get over 70mph!!

Another problem witht he digital readouts is this. What heppens when the light bulbs (yes they use floecent lights to illuminate them) burn out and you loose your screens?? If you had good old fashioned tried and true mechanical gages then at night all you need is a small flashlight to read them!!

Problem with new locomotives now a days is that the manufacter's keep trying to re-invent the wheel. This is even evident with the desk top control stand which is not even put on new locomotives because the ergonomics of them are horrifying. Thanks to trying to change a control stand that worked just fine for years engineers are now stuggeling with back, neck, shoulder, and wrist problems along with carpel-tunnel. Remember that whole working at a desk gives you carpel-tunnel!

If I remember right try going on the Strausburg railroad museums site. I think they have interior photos of the 4935 which they restored beautifully and it looks like new. The Remarkable GG1 book does not have any interior photos but does have good reading in it. Another thing you may want to try and do is keep an eye on ebay for a GG1 operating manual. It will be for the GG1, P5A and Modified P5A. But, be prepared to pay for it. These books can be high dollar depending on the condition and I have seen them go for as much as almost $300 on ebay!!! But, you never know you could get lucky. I was somehow fortunate enough to find a GG1 manual on there that is BRAND NEW!!! YES believe it or not brand new and never issued still containing the railroad issueance card in it!!! Who ever had it on there didnt list it well enough to catch anyones attention and I stole it for $45 bucks!!!! May sound too good to be true but no lie about it! It definately belongs in a museum somewhere like Strausburg but they arent getting their hands on it. :-) I waited too long to have my very own to give it to a museum!!! :-)